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Jan 29, 2007 03:32 PM

Last resort: What happened to a beloved restaurant.

Chowhounders please help:

I want to know what happened to a great restaurant and/or its chef. If we can locate this man we will definitely be rewarded with Chowhound worthy food. I guarantee it! And for my memory the one of the best meals of my life.

The restaurant name was: SITI TREE

BANNER READ: djibouti somali ethiopia cuisine
ADDRESS: 53 Scarlett Road, York, ON M6N 4J8 (roughly, could be off by a couple doors)
CURRENT TENANT: Classic Catering & Portugese Bbq
LAST SEEN: winter 2003

If I recall correctly the Siti Tree was a mythical tree of knowledge located in Ethiopia. But I may be WAY off on this one. I only vaguely recall as I asked about the owner about the wall mural in the dining room and what it meant.

This restaurant was unbelievable. The food there was 10 times better than New Bilan (no kidding!). It was very popular with cab drivers. Near 100% of their business was taxis for takeout. I may have been the only patron to dine in their dining room. I went 4 times in 2 weeks and then it disappeared. I think it was there for about 6 months before I found it.

The service was super friendly and extremely slow. But I would not complain as the food was well worth the wait. One dish I remember was a braised whole lamb shank (lightly curried), some sweet yellow lentils and enough other sides to feed 2 for $12. The ethiopian coffee & tea were also phenomenal. I loved it so much I tipped near 50% each visit.

Please, anyone with information on this place please help! I want to track down this fine chef and hopefully patronize his current business. (even if the prices were tripled).



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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Can't help you there, it's so sad when some of these beloved restaurants just "disappears" one day when you go back craving for their food.... :'(

      I've also got some restaurants in mind, I'd like to know if they just retired, or moved elsewhere?

      1. Massimo Trattoria, on Yonge street one block north of Sheppard, it is now a greek restaurant. They make the best seafood rissoto with saffron, it was their daily special, and it was wonderful, good coffee and tiramisu cake as well.

      2. Seven's Pocket (not sure if I remember the name correctly), it is located in First Markham Place, and now took over by a HK style cafe called Firefly. Seven's Pocket makes WICKED pizza!!! It was closed shortly after I discovered it..... still missing it..... :'(

      If by any chance their reincarnation still exists somewhere in the city I'd love to go visit them, if anyone knows......

      1. Please: Anyone? At least an excellent lead or substitute.