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Jan 29, 2007 03:25 PM

Miami Near MIA -- Party of 15-18?

Any suggestions for a Thursday evening dinner for 15-18 people with a budget of about $30/pp w/o drinks?

We will be in town for a conference and will be staying near the airport. We will have rental cars but would like to stay within a 20 minute drive.

It is quite possible that I am the only chowish person in the group. If others could chose, we might end up somewhere chainy (yikes!). This group is meat and potatoes for sure. If possible, dress should be casual -- khakis and a button down.

Also, we will be in town for a week so any other ideas for dinner places is welcome. Obviously, we will not always be eating as a large group. Cuban? Italian? Pizza joints? Chinese? Any great holes in the wall that should not be missed? Do tell.

Thanks in advance.


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  1. Gustaf>

    Super Bowl Weekend?!??

    The Chicago Bears are staying at the Airport Hilton. Be aware your group could be mid-frenzy. Everything in town will be busy and booked up early. If you have no interest in being in traffic, know that Ocean Drive is closed to cars all weekend and the traffic in and out of South Beach will KILL.

    Best options near the airport would be the Gables or Grove. Havanna Harry's for Cuban, Houston's for the meat and potato people, perhaps an evening strolling Calle Ocho to buy hand rolled cigars and try Versailles Cafe or one of the local Cuban Restaurants or a group dinner at Casa Juancho. There is a pasta & light Italian restaurant in the Gables called Bugatti (lasagna first Wednesday of every month is legendary)... Graziano's for meat too. Chispa...

    Have a Great Time - Go Bears!


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    1. re: advisor_Girl

      Thanks for all the good suggestions.

      We will actually be arriving on the Monday after the Super Bowl, and we are hoping that the hoopla will have died down a bit.

      Anyone else there got some ideas?


    2. Try Graziano's – they have two locations but the one in Coral Gables will be closer for you, certainly within 15-20 minutes. Order wisely and you may be able to do it for $30pp without drinks.