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Jan 29, 2007 02:48 PM

Any good chow near White Plains Hospital?

I'm going to be near White Plains Hospital center around lunchtime tomorrow, and wonder if there's anything I should check out.


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    1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

      Couldn't find it in my wanderings around the hospital, unfortunately. Did stop in at a few places, but wasn't feeling hungry or adventurous enough. One was a Venezuelan restaurant in a diner car, one was called Veracruz and the other was Village something -- all on W. Post Road. Sound familiar? Worth trying another time?

      1. re: asm_ny

        Ambadi is on W. Post Road right across the street from Bengal Tiger and Latin American Cafe. Latin American Cafe is good too

        Search Veracruz on this board. I've seen some references to it - I think to specific food items but there may be something more specific to the restaurant itself.

        I'd like to know more about the Venezuelan myself so if you note the name, please post it.

        1. re: laylag

          Just saw it referenced positvely elsewhere on the board. Apparently it's Peruvian, not Venezuelan (bad memory). The Peruvian (?) diner is called El Miski.

          1. re: laylag

            By the way, even though I didn't stop to eat there, I thought the food at Veracruz smelled terrific. Read other reviews for details, but it seemed worth checking out.

          2. re: asm_ny

            Veracruz is Mexican. I have been there several times and the food is good and very authentic.

            The place in the "diner car", El Miski is Peruvian and is excellent.