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Jan 29, 2007 02:46 PM

Best Carne Asada Burrito In West LA Santa Monica?

Please help! I moved to West LA from San Diego five years ago and still have not found a juicy, high quality carne asada burrito. Could you please recommend a taqueria or other restaurant on the Westside that serves a juicy steak carne asada burrito (preferably without rice or beans)? A devoted burrito lover thanks you!

I forget the names of many of the places I've tried. For example, I found Tito's tacos boiled meat to be tough and not very tasty (even though I think their salsa is fantastic). The burrito place on Lincoln near Rose right next to the car wash had a pretty good all meat carne asada burrito that went downhill over time. The meat was fatty and the sauce they used to grill/fry the asada gave it an unusual flavor. Benitos on Santa Monica Blvd gave very little meat and way too much in beans and rice (which weren't very good). I've also been to Capo's Taco's on the north side of Santa Monica just West of Bundy and Jose(sp?) in the heart of Westwood village and I found the meat to be just okay at both of these places and the pico de gallo to be poor. I've also tried Super Taco and found it to be mediocre (but the salsa was good). I've been the many others that I can't remember. Unfortunately none impressed me.

To me, an excellent carne asada burrito is so juicy that you have to go out or your way to make sure the juices don't spill on you. The meat is tender and well seasoned and they don't add other stuff (rice, beans, low quality salsa's) that takes away from the flavor of the asada. In an ideal world, my burrito would be 85% carne asada 10% real guacamole and 5% good pico de gallo and/or other salsas.

Thanks for your suggestions!

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  1. I think it would help if you listed the places in your prefered geographic area that you have already tried, and found lacking. That way folks who have suggestions won't be covering places that are already on your been there - done that list.

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    1. Try Tacos Por Favor (Olympic at 14th) -- specialty is chorizo and cheese. Taqueria Sanchez (Centinela between Washington and Culver) -- specialty is shrimp. El Super Taco (Santa Monica Blvd and Brockton or Westgate, same minimall as Monte Alban) -- specialty is tortas. Others might add Don Felix, which I found significantly inferior to these three.

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        Thanks. I've remeber driving by and thinking I should try it. I'm there tonight.

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          I'm with Nosh. The chorizo/cheese is oily but freaking good. Their carne asada and pastor were edible too.

        2. Second Tacos por Favor, I think they will make one all meat if requested, and try the red sauce. the Carnitas is also excellent.

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              Love, love, love Tacos Por Favor (I just learned that they deliver!) but I think of it as closer to Mission than San Diego style. I think rice and beans comes standard, though you can obviously order it without.

            2. re: Mateo R

              Finally got a chance to try Tacos por Favor. WOW. One of the best burritos if not the best burrito I've had in West LA. The line was out the door. A lot of people ordered the hard taco, which were huge and looked really good. I ordered a all meet carne asada with pico de gallo, salsa and guac. Very juice and tasty. I will definately be back! 9.5 out of 10. THANKS!

            3. You might also take a look at Bandini's blog "The Great Taco Hunt" -- although he's after tacos and not burritos, he's rated over 20 taquerias on the Westside, and he almost always tries the carne asada.


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              1. Even with the fire Lares on Pico in Santa Monica still makes my favorite carnitas burrito, the Manny Lane. Try it with carne asada if you haven't already.

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                  I treid Lares on Santa Monica and even though I really like the decor and the restaurant itself, I found the food to be poor and overpriced. Really nice reastaurant, especially if your with a group, but not exactly a place I would go for the food.