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Jan 29, 2007 02:35 PM

Phils BBQ San Diego - When will it reopen?

I had a craving for some ribs over the weekend and called up Phils to place my order to find out that they're currently closed so that they can focus on opening up their Point Loma location. Maybe this is old news but I haven't been to Phils for a few months. Anyways, the phone recording did not mention when they might reopen their Hillcrest location or when the new Point Loma location will be open. Does anyone have any insider info about when it might be?

Also, I remember reading here that they were planning on doing "real" BBQ over an open pit at their new location since they aren't allowed to have one in Hillcrest. Anyone know if this is true? If so, it seems like I will be going to the Point Loma location from now on.

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  1. from what i read, end of jan. to beginning of Feb.

    1. Have you tried Huffmans.

      The resteraunt has a lot of history. Mr. Huffman has since past away, but it is still good.

      They have no atmosphere, a couple of picnic tables, it is really a take-out place. They have lots of choices, including fried chicken, that is not prepared until you order it and fish too.

      Neighborhood: Lincoln Park
      5039 Imperial Ave
      San Diego, CA 92113
      (619) 264-3115

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        My family had Huffmans BBQ one day and Phils the next, and we found (much to our surprise!) Phils to be less expensive a better. We were big fans of Fargo before it went Carribean.

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          I cant believe you can say this. Perhaps on the individual dinners (MAYBE), but I used to get catering for my office. a rack at phils is $20.

          Basically $80 at huffmans fed 8 ppl and then Id have 1/2 left over for the weekend (uh-oh)

          while 4 racks at phils feeds exactly 4 ppl.

          I can honestly say that phils in MH will prolly NOT reopen. Why bother?

          You go Phil - Long way from organizing mac 3 blades eh??

      2. They always close in January for rest and cleaning up the restaurant. Living near by, we miss it terribly. They'll be back Feb 1.

        Gil - restaurant reviews and more.

        1. Phil's was supposed to reopen this week but, obviously, didn't make it. They're currently shooting for next week. Also, while the meat will be cooked over an open flame, I'm not sure if it will really fit the "open pit" description.

          1. I just happen to work at Phil's and just wanted to share that they will reopen the mission hills place about 2 weeks or so after they get the sports area location up and running

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              Peter - when will the Sports Arena site be open?