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Jan 29, 2007 02:31 PM

Help! - Best BBQ/Soul Food in Vegas?

So far we've found TC's Rib Crib at 8470 W Desert Inn Road H3...702-451-7427. We haven't eaten there though and wondered if anyone has any reviews on this place.

We've already read some reviews for The Salt Lick at Red Rocks which is nearby.

There has to be some great hidden obscure little places as well as in the local casinos. Any help would be greatly appreciated because we are newly moved to Vegas and have a serious jones for the Q, Soul food, Southern, New Orleans, etc....

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  1. M&M Soul Food Cafe, 3923 West Charleston, is one of the true "hidden" gems in Las Vegas. It is not easy to elevate the style of cuisine to a Rosemarys/Lotus of Siam plateau, but what they do they do awfully well. A lot of love goes into the side dishes, which is what a place like this should be all about, and yes, it is possible to get good collards in the desert.

    1. I have tried three of the soul food places in Las Vegas.

      I would second the prior post on M&M's Soul Food. I was there last Tuesday and the food was truly excellent.

      The second place that I like was Kathy's Southern cooking. I think that the food at Kathy's may be better than M&M and the portions are a bit larger. Service is not as good. Mark in the shopping center at Sunset and Mountain Vista and walk around the building as this "hole in the wall" is hard to find.

      Kathy's Southern Cooking
      6407 Mountain Vista St
      Henderson, NV 89014-2323

      The third place that I would recommend is Big Mama's Rib Shack. I did NOT do the ribs but focused on a couple of the cajun dishes and they were excellent. The decor is an old fried chicken place but the service is really very good.

      Big Mama's Rib Shack
      2230 W Bonanza
      Las Vegas, NV 89106

      Do realize that you will EASILY spend 2-3x more for a meal at these three places than you would in Nashville or many southern cities.

      1. Thank you for the help. I wonder if M&Ms is affiliated with the one in Los Angeles?

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        1. Buzz BBQ
          7810 W. Ann Rd. #130
          Las Vegas NV 89130
          Phone: 702-294-2899

          None others can compare. Period. (However, the Best Sandwich on the Planet is still the Smoked Philly from Buckingham's Smokehouse BBQ.)

          This is the only damned Q joint at which I have ever bought brisket that was equal to or better from than my own backyard. Luckily, they don't do pulled pork, so I'm still the best in town. :-) Their ribs were amazing and the sausage, oh the sausage....not polish, not summer, but genuine andouille sausage smoked over hickory, like everything else.

          This was TRULY competition level barbecue, unlike that crap that Mike Mills sells at his "Championship" restaurants. I've been part of a competition team (even been on Food Network for five seconds!) and can honestly say that Buzz's ribs and brisket are that damned good.

          Plus, homemade ice cream and Italian ices. I don't care where you are in the valley, it's worth the drive.

          I'll say this about The Salt Lick. It was good, but our waiter didn't know the difference between a St. Louis style rib and rib tips. The only worse ignorance I've seen was when the waiter at Lucille's told me "brisket and tri-tip are the same thing".

          Thank God there wasn't a hammer in reach or I would've dropped him like a sack of potatoes.

          Speaking of Lucille's, I wasn't a fan because of that and their imaginary barbecue. (Shut up, Heidi Knapp-Rinella, THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS "SOUTHERN STYLE TRI-TIP" so don't make excuses for stupidity. Heidi doesn't know JACK about Q!) However, we had a Christmas party there this year. I was impressed with the ribs. The newly added to the menu brisket was awful, but their "Banana Pudding" was out of this world.

          Granted, it was NOT real "nanner puddin'", not even close. It was more of a mousse like consistency and there wasn't a Nilla wafer to be found, but whatever it was, it was amazingly good. Try it and I guarantee that you will not be able to walk away from it.

          BTW, Big Mama's is in a former McDonalds building. We liked it better than Kathy's (because the waitress there told my wife that her dish "wasn't spicy at all"). Skip their Q, but the rest is fine, fine, fine. Be sure to go during the cooler months, 'cause Big Mama don't cotton to no high air conditioning bills!

          The Smothered Chicken is a bit o' heaven. My son loves the Ghetto Juice. Their cabbage is straight off of my Granny's stove.

          I never knew that those Sunday dinners at Granny's house were actually $500 meals until I moved to Las Vegas.

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          1. re: LaserGecko

            Cookie's BBQ & Southern Cooking
            1216 West Owens (At J Street and Owens)
            (702) 638-2502

            This is where I spend my dollar when it comes to BBQ and Southern Cooking! I've tried every other franchised/cookie cutter high priced BBQ joint in this town as well as every hidden gem and hole in the wall and Cookie's takes the cake! You get the most bang for your buck here. The sides are delicious and of generous size and proportion...Fried okra, cornbread, beans, greens, candied yams, potato salad, messy potatoes (Gotta try 'em to believe 'em!) They used to operate out of the MLK gas station at Owens and MLK, but Cookie left there and opened up a free standing location at 1216 West Owens. You don't leave hungry, that's for dang sure!

            1. re: Jennifurby

              Thanks for the recommendation. I've never heard of Cookie's. I've been to Kathy's several times and M&M only once (although I've been to the L.A. branch more often). I find Kathy's inconsistent but I like Kathy and her family, & the little Louisiana touches in the food. None of the soul food places have knocked me out, so I'm looking forward to trying Cookie's. I'm not that high on Big Mama's, although it's fun to hang out there.