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going to Montreal, what's to eat on 93N

driving to montreal next weekend, just wondering if there is any good chow on the ride up. As this is the first time driving I will be sticking to the "big" road but will be able to make a small side trip +- 5 miles off of 93N


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  1. Where do you start from? I know Rt. 93 most of the way up to Vt. Will you be in Concord, NH for lunch or more like Plymouth area, or dinner? give a little more......

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      Yep sorry about that, I will be leaving Boston (J.P) at about 7 am. so a great breakfast or early lunch in northern NH is the way to go.


    2. Heard good things in Littleton about Miller's Cafe but haven't been:


      Fratello's is great in Lincoln, and the WoodstockStation in N. Woodstock

      All are good lunch places, which should be bout 3+ hours from leaving.

      1. Here's the website for Woodstock Station, I remember this being the best breakfast I've ever had in the french toast catagory (if you can hold off on breakfast til you get here). I'm not at all a pancake, waffle, french toast person but this place was over the top.......


        1. Arnie's Place in Concord NH http://www.arniesplace.com/index.html
          Tilt'n Diner in Tilton NH http://www.visitingnewengland.com/Til...
          Littleton Diner in Littleton NH http://www.littletondiner.com/History...
          Miss Lyndonville Diner in Lyndonville VT

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            Big agreement with the Miss Lyndonville Diner......but isn't that off I-91? My geography is lacking in that area of the state...maybe 93 and 91 are close to each other there.

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              It is off 91 but not too far from 93. Great place.

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                Yes it is off I-91. I-93 ends in St. J where it joins I-91. Then Lyndonville is about 5 miles further north.

            2. Or, you could go 93 to 89 and stop in montpelier at NECI or burlington. Takes about the same time.

              1. Actually, I would say it is shorter to go the 89 vs. the 93 by at least 1/2 a hour or so. I have done it both ways many times, it is always shorter on the 89. I usually grab lunch a quaint health food spot outside of Hanover, NH. But it is not usually on the top of my list, getting there fast is! I also try to skip lunch to give me more excuses to get to Montreal fast -- to eat!

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                  I agree about 93 to 89.... and I always hold out for a smoked meat sandwich.

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                    mmm Smoked meat.
                    Last time I was there, 18 mo or so I had a wonderful meal at Bouchon de Lige. Prix fix was $28 or so, with surcharges for some high end options.It reminded me of Lumiere.

                2. On a road trip I'd try for a light breakfast (esp since you're leaving at 7am) and a big lunch. If you choose Rt 93 to Rt 89 you could stop in Concord NH on South Main Street at Bread and Chocolate for some European style pastries. The muffins are very good but the bread swirled with chocolate/nut combination or poppyseed is fantastic. There are small tables inside. You might want to buy some additional pastries for the trip. You might be okay finding a parking spot on a sat morning. Take exit 13 (north if there's a choice): take a left off the ramp, go under hwy, keep going/it becomes South Main Street. Bread and Chocolate is on the right just before you get to the massive construction high rise. It's before Pleasant Street intersection.
                  Arnie's in Concord is not open during the winter. I loved the Littleton Diner for breakfast (get the roast beef hash) but you'd be pretty hungry by then.

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                    I too love the Littleton Diner's hash...good, stick-to-your-ribs stuff.

                  2. My route to Montreal is 93 to 89. The Foothills Cafe in Warner NH (exit 8) for breakfast is worth the stop and is a short, scenic detour. I also kick around Montpelier, there is a pub with beer flavored burgers, can't remember the name but it is on a side street.

                    If you do go 93 all of the way, try the Gypsy Cafe in Lincoln NH for lunch. Nice, carefully prepared offerings in a small, pleasant setting.