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Jan 29, 2007 02:13 PM

what's in Lawerence?

I need to get a GC for someone who lives in Lawerence. Problem is that I have never been there. What are the dinning options?
I hate to say that chains will be ok, and this might get moved to the chain board but any help you can be.


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  1. lots in Andover and N. Andover (next town) or do you want just lawrence? I've heard of a great Mexican in Lawrence been wanting to try (from this site everyones talking about) - think it's cafe aztec (I'll have to look up for sure)

    1. Cafe Azteca is a good choice for Mexican in Lawrence, and would be a good option for a GC seeing they only take cash. Not much else worthy in Lawrence for GC's other than Sal's on the river or Le Chen.
      In Methuen you have some chains, TGI Friday's, Not Your Average Joe's, Outback Steakhouse, Bugaboo Creek, and Texas Roadhouse. Some local places in Methuen I like are Shadi's for arabic food, Casa Vecchia for Italian, and Jimmy's II.
      In North Andover you have Burton's Grill, Joe Fish, The Loft, Orzo Trattoria, China Blossom.

      1. I do love Texas Roadhouse for a chain, get to pick your meat from a butcher case - "that rib eye please"!!!!

        1. If the person you are getting the GC for is a long-time Lawrence resident, they may have fond memories of Bishop's. Some of the staff opened a restaurant in Salem NH called the Phoenician. The menu has many of the same items.

          1. If they are older they will probably like The Cedar Crest restaurant on Broadway. Like Bishops, it's old school, mostly American and some Italian-American dishes. It's not Mistral but it's good.

            If they are younger, they should consider Sal's Pizza and Italian Restaurant on Merrimack Street. It's in an old mill building. Is it Santarpio's or Piccola Venezia? No, but it's good, serviceable pizza and fresh pasta with really surprisingly beautiful river views.

            If you venture into Methuen, I second the Texas Roadhouse chain there. Also good (and in the same plaza) are Cappelini's Restaurant and Heaven'ly Donuts for coffee afterward (both offer gift certificates). Heavenly has fresh homemade donuts, danishes, and hand-twisted crullers every a.m.

            PS WHS...I miss Bishops badly.