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Jan 29, 2007 01:35 PM

Babbo tasting menus and substitutions?

Does anyone know how flexible, or inflexible, Babbo is about substitutions in the tasting menus?

If, for instance, my dining partner are doing the pasta tasting menu, and I wanted to sub out a course for a different pasta from the regular menu, any ideas if that's do-able, or if they are the type of place that does not allow substitutions at all?

I am going in a couple weeks for the first time, and my guess is that we are going to do the pasta tasting with wine pairings (my first time, but she has been before, and had the pasta menu, and loved it). Although, I am very tempted at times to go a la carte to get the beef cheek ravioli, lamb's tongue vinaigrette, mint love letters, and some salumi. I'm not opposed to the tasting menu and additional dishes, but from what I understand, I will be rolling myself home at the end of the night as it is . . .

Anyway, thanks for any help.

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  1. They will happily make sustitutions.

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    1. re: jenniebnyc

      They will let you substitute one pasta for another but they won't let you switch a pasta course with a different dish. They also won't let one do the pasta and one do the regular tasting menu.

      Personally, i'd skip the tasting menu and just order a bunch of dishes that sound good to you and share everything.

    2. Hmmm. Babbo is one of my favorite places in the entire city but when I've done the tasting there, they have been relucatant to substitute anything. There have been some recent posts about how to put together your own tasting menu from the a la carte choices (all of which they are happy to split) but they don't seem that flexible overall. I hope I'm wrong and if they accomodate your request, please let the rest of us know!


      1. They do not allow substitutions on the pasta tasting menu. They will say instead that you can create your own tastings from the pasta selections on the menu. We've done it both can't go wrong which every way you choose.

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          they do indeed allow substitutions. although, I think the pasta tasting options that you wish to substitute must be similar to suggested sub pasta ...meaning, we substituted a meat-based pasta on the tasting menu with the beef cheek ravioli..since they were similar and meshed up with the flow of the tasting they were fine with it.