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Jan 29, 2007 01:10 PM

oohs & aahs?

after moving to the neighborhood 6 months ago, i finally made it to oohs and aahs. what did i miss? we ordered fried wings and short ribs (with bbq sauce). sides: cornbread, mac and cheese, and yams. none of it was worth writing home about. the short ribs were super fatty (beyond the usual short rib fat) and the wings were just eh. i had heard so much about the place. what did we do wrong?

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  1. You thought for yourself and didn't buy into the crowd about this place? Seriously, this place is so overhyped it's insane.

    1. Maybe you don't really like down home Southern food? It happens.

      If you go back, try one of the seafood things--I believe they are from the coastal Carolina area and seem to have a good touch for that. Shrimp for example, maybe the crabcakes (those vary however) and even the salmon--get something that Indiah smothers with her sauteed onions and peppers thing. Also the fried chicken. BTW the correct spelling is Oohhs and Aahhs, which is important only for future searches on this board.

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        They also now do late nights and on that menu have chicken and waffles.

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          Salmon is not a Southern fish. And certainly not "down-home," except possibly the canned variety. Neither is that style crabcake.

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            I never said they were. I opined on why the OP may not have liked what they ordered, which was down home type selections. Some things on the O&A menu are down home and some aren't. Nothing wrong with that. The style of much of what they offer is Carolina coastal.

            Salmon can be found on just about any ethnic menu these days. Salmon tacos for example. Nothing wrong with that either. Food changes.

            What "style" crabcake are you referring to? What is a down home style crabcake, as opposed to a non-down home style crabcake?

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            While the OP did not exactly order badly- I personally would avoid two starches- I suggest on the next visit, if willing, he/she tries the greens, rice with gravy, and the shrimp.

          3. Well, I guess there are three possibilities:

            1) It just wasn't your day. It happens everywhere.

            2) This is part of some downward trend.

            3) Everyone's taste is different, and you are entitled to your opinion just like everyone else!

            I have been to Oohs and Aahs six times. Four times it was over-the-top delicious. I shook my head in disbelief at how lucky I was to be eating this food. Two times I didn't do so well, with limited success at the broiled cajun fish or the fried catfish. (For fried fish, you need to check out the masterful catfish lunch on Fridays at Colorado Kitchen.)

            In response to jpschust, you seem to be questioning:

            The sincerity of the raves for Oohs and Aahs, as if those Chowhounds are just afraid to speak out, unlike the maverick that you are.

            That the people who have seriously loved Oohs and Aahs are easily manipulated by rave reviews. Well, I suppose this is a possibility, but if this proposition only applies to restaurants you don't like, then I believe you are selectively using this theory to insult others. I mean, if folks agree with you about a restaurant you rave about, do you call them a bunch of sheep? Or do you bask in the warmth of your infinite wisdom?

            Me, I bask.

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              I concur wholeheartedly. Just because the masses/critics love it doesn't mean it's overhyped. Personally, I don't get Citronelle but I wouldn't call the place overhyped. I can understand the love, but it's just not my kind of love. Then again, I could stand to give it another chance...or two, not writing it off based on one or two trips.

            2. I've been twice. So far one really good meal (shrimp, potatoes and gravy, collards) one middling (chicken wings, mac and cheese, cornbread). I'll still go back and try some other items, but I'll still get my mac and cheese, cornbread, or collards at Levi's beforehand.

              1. My speculation is that after the buildup of the place's rep, there were operational and quality control issues... it takes hours for the savory flavors of Southern dishes like collards and gravies and yams to gel (which is why I think the steam table at Levi's "works" just fine)... all of a sudden there's a rush of business and you've got to figure out how to manage your stock consistenty.