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Jan 29, 2007 01:09 PM

Mao's on Melrose?

Does anyone know if this is ever going to open? I think it's been discussed before, but they seem to be working on it, but it looks like nothing is inside.

They have a big Mao's sign on the corner of the building, and I've even seen it lit up at night, but the interior looks empty.

Anyone know what the deal is?

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  1. I think the restaurant is in the back, which is why it looks empty. That said, I don't know when it will open and wouldn't get my hopes us for when it does--this could be Kung Pao Kitty II.

    1. It's open! Walked by today. Haven't tried yet but they are distributing menus. Space wise it is in the back of the old Tommy Tang's, not the full space. You can't see into the restaurant from melrose. Same owners as Mao's in Venice. Will report back once we pay them a visit.

      1. It sure is! Apparently there's a second thread on this (started by me too, oops)...but yes it is open. I actually had delivery last Thurs. night, and then stopped in after going out later. Much better to eat in I always find.

        Delivery was pretty decent, but some of the things that were supposed to be crispy were a bit soggy. But everything tastes the same as the Venice location, and still very good. Just eat in or pick it up yourself to assure freshness.

        What we ordered:
        - Salt and Pepper Seafood
        - Onion Pancake
        - Crispy Salad
        - Green Beans (fantastic, but forgot the name)

        1. The original comment has been removed