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Jan 29, 2007 01:09 PM

Mexican party trays/delivery in Van Nuys area?

We are having a small company lunch on Wednesday. We thought Mexican would be a good change from our usual lunch choices. Does anyone know of good Mexican restaurants that offer party trays for delivery (or if nearby, I can pickup)? We are looking to do some enchiladas, rice, beans, maybe some chili rellenos, carne asada, etc. We are near the FlyAway, so the closer, the better!

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  1. Have not checked into the delivery aspect, yet on Sherman Way at Corbin in the Smart & Final center is Carrillo's Deli, where I go all the time to get takeout items for parties, and I go there from Sherman Oaks. Truly great stuff. Guac is superb, fresh tortillas, great enchiladas and rellenos and chips and salsas.
    Call ahead (818.887.6118), give them some lead time to put together what you want, and then you will probably have to go get it. Plan on getting there no later than 11:30, however, as they do get busy for lunch, and Spanish is very commonly spoken although English is also well understood.

    1. This grocery chain can hook you up. They have 2 locations in Van Nuys. I've had their carnitas and they're great. Haven't had the prepared carne asada (I cook it myself and usally come out great).

      1. Thanks. Any other suggestions? I've been to Carrillo's before, but driving all the way up to Corbin is going to be a bit of a stretch. Any suggestions in the Van Nuys/North Hills/Sherman Oaks/Tarzana area?

        1. Vallarta markets will do party trays from the cooked food section

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            I third Vallarta. They are amazing!

          2. you might want to try

            Dos Arbolitos Restaurant
            (818) 891-6661
            9034 Woodley Ave
            North Hills, CA 91343