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Jan 29, 2007 01:08 PM

Looking for Good Chow in Rocky Mount, NC?

We will be in Rocky Mount, NC on Wednesday, 1/31/07.

Any suggestions for good, reasonably priced food. We are traveling for the month and are not looking for exotic or heavy food.


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  1. We've been through Rocky Mount on various trips along I-95, and I don't recall any good restaurants there. The last time we were down that way, we went about 20 miles south of Rocky Mount to the town of Wilson, where we had bbq at Parker's.

    Since N.C. is not a mid-Atlantic state, you might get more knowledgeable responses if you post this on the South board.

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      I ws at Parkers many years ago.. when I lived in Virginia. But I have since moved out of state and I would love to have some Parkers BBQ, brunswick stew southern fried chicken and lets not forget the corn sticks they are to die for.. I recommend then highly. Parkers thats the ticket....mmmmmmmmmmmm Boy

    2. Atlantis is gone and the floods took Bob Melton's. {Moment of silence.} You won't find much on 95 other than the usual fast food suspects. How far off the road are you willing to travel? I believe Silver Lake is still around (for seafood) and there was a great meat n threes in Battleboro. Parker's is certainly a good call although you might want to try Wilbur's in Goldsboro. Bob Ellis on 301 in Wilson isn't bad for cue but it's no Parker's. Mitchell's in Wilson is gone too, sorry to say.

      I know it's not much but I hope it helps.

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        I've always been a bit sorry we chose Parker's rather than Mitchell's. Not that Parker's was bad. But right after our trip several years ago, Mitchell came north to participate in the Annual NYC Barbecue Block Party, which we attended. When we tasted his 'cue, I felt it was superior to Parker's. We got there before the event started, so we were able to watch him and his crew preparing the 'cue. His booth attracted one of the longest lines. We also sat in on one of the forums where he was a panelist. He's a really neat guy. Too bad he closed. But he has continued to participate in the NYC event.

      2. Wilson has a tasty lunch / bakery spot called The Sugar Plum. They serve sandwiches and sides in white boxes, old-school style. Excellent cheese straws as well. Very popular. It's right downtown near the courthouse.


        1. We tried Parker's in Wilson, NC. The prices were more than reasonable. The chopped pork was very nice tasting, but I am not accustomed to a vinegar pepper barbecue sauce. The staff and service was marvellous.


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            Next trip try Wilber's in Goldsboro, same vinegar pepper sauce but also outstanding que.

          2. you all are breaking away too far from Rocky mt,,,what else is there?