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Jan 29, 2007 12:59 PM

Ginger beer cocktails?

Anyone have a good idea for ginger beer cocktails?

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  1. Yes! I had two yesterday!

    Dark & Stormy: Fill a pint glass 3/4 full with ice, squeeze the juice of 1/2 a lime, add 3 ounces dark rum and fill the glass with ginger beer. Toss in lime rind. Garnish with ginger sticks , if desired.

    Moscow Mule: Stir together 2 oz vodka and 1 ounce lime juice in a copper mug (traditional). Add 3 oz. ginger beer and fill with ice. Garnish with lime wedge.

    --paraphrased from Rachael Ray magazine

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    1. re: marthadumptruck

      Thanks, i know ive seen that darkandstormy somewhere, cant wait to try it. Whats a ginger stick?

      1. re: Carmelizedbunions

        A "ginger stick" is gingeroot, with skin removed, cut into matchsticks.


      2. re: marthadumptruck

        Drink recipes in that format are maddening. What if you don't want to make it in a pint glass? What is the size of the ice you're using (which would affect how much soda fits between the cubes)??

        Just figure a 2:1 or at most 3:1 ratio of ginger beer to Gosling's.

          1. re: marthadumptruck

            If you did not write the recipe there is no need to apologize. You made it look like someone in the Rachael Ray media empire wrote the recipe.

          2. re: Alcachofa

            Well, it's a highball, so fast and loose is kind of the norm. I generally like to make these in traditional highball glasses, which hold 12-14 oz and are tall and cylindrical (mine are mostly 50s vintage, from the Golden Age of Highballs). Throw in a few ice cubes, a couple ounces of booze, fill as high as you like with mixer, garnish, and swizzle. Not complicated, and endlessly variable to suit the tastes of your guests.

            I love Moscow Mules in the summer, though a quality ginger beer really makes a difference; I like the really sinus-clearing-hot ones. I generally omit the big dose of fresh juice, prefering just to squeeze and toss in a big lemon wedge.

            Dark and Stormies are pretty good, too, though I find that a light or especially a gold rum (nothing fancier than an Appleton's or Bacardi) makes a more refreshing rum and ginger beer highball.

            1. re: MC Slim JB

              That's generally true about highballs, but I find that proportions are more important in the Dark n Stormy. And that pint-glass-3/4s-full-ice thing just left it way too much to chance.

              Also, I'm sure you and I both know people who sometimes feel that if a recipe is printed, that's the "final word", and that the recipe has to be followed no matter what. So, where is the room for "mix to taste"?

              Sorry for the mini-rant. :-[

          3. re: marthadumptruck

            for a dark and stormy, use very spicy ginger beer if you can find it. i especially like blenheim ginger ale, but be careful, it is *extremely* spicy!

          4. My husband and I like to do our own colorful little twist on the dark 'n stormy that we call the Bloody Port Royal (after the Jamaican town that supposedly sank into the sea due to its wickedness).

            2 oz. dark rum
            2 oz. blood orange juice (now in season!)
            4 oz. good, spicy ginger beer

            shake rum and juice in a shaker with ice, pour into an ice-filled highball glass, top with ginger beer. We like to garnish it with candied ginger, though you could also use a little blood orange peel.

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            1. re: slynnkiino

              As for the ginger beer itself -- any recommendations?

              I tend to get the Goya brand "Jamaican style ginger beer" as it is fairly spicy. Some of the other brands I find too light.

              Of course, you can always make your own (and I have) but never tried it in cocktails...

              1. re: Sgt Snackers

                Goya is not the best, but it's pretty good (i.e., feel-it-in-your-sinuses hot) and easy to find. I also like the ginger beer from A.J. Stephans, a local craft soft-drink maker, a lot.

                Jamaica's Finest and Blenheim's are fierce, but they're hard to find in Boston, mostly mail order. There's a generic-looking brand in the half-liter bottle in the Latin foods aisle of the South Bay Stop 'n Shop with really cheesy pink packaging (can't recall the name) that is cheap and actually not bad in a pinch. My local market (Foodies) carries an expensive and awful brand (palm tree on the label) that is sweet and bland, barely better than ginger ale for highball purposes.

                1. re: MC Slim JB

                  Here in NJ they have started marketing Barrit's the brand from Bermuda that they use with Gossling's Black Seal to make Dark and Stormy's

                2. re: Sgt Snackers

                  I enjoy Reed's quite a bit. It's a bit spicy. One of the best I found a few months ago was Bundaberg, from Australia, even though it seemed pricey for a soda.... but now I am on a quest to find more because my local Cost Plus hasn't been stocking it! (I'm in Calif.). Sometimes, to be honest, I enjoy the blander american gingerales for whiskey highballs as sometimes the spicier ginger beers are just too overpowering and dominate the drink too much.

              2. Ahhh...Dark 'n' Stormies are wonderful with the spiciest ginger beer you can find. Plus, you must use Gosling's Black Seal rum, not just any dark rum, or it isn't a Dark 'n' Stormy.

                1. I love aged rum - Rhum Barbancourt is one of my favs. Here is a great gingerbeer cocktail for a sunny day (or a wintery day when you long for the sunshine!). The aroma of these ingredients coming together is a treat in itself. I use Reed's Ginger beer quite a bit with this one, but if this taste is too strong, a nice quality ginger ale subs in well. Found this recipe in Mittie Hellmich's 'Ultimate Bar Book' - a great reference!

                  -Haitian Cooler-

                  1 lemon wedge
                  2 lime wedges
                  2 tangerine (or orange) wedges
                  1 Tbsp. sugar
                  2 oz. Rhum Barbancourt
                  3 to 4 oz. of chilled ginger beer (or ale)

                  Muddle all of the citrus wedges with the sugar in the bottom of the old fashioned glass (or whatever you have on hand!). Fill the glass with ice, pour in the rum, and top with the ginger beer.