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Jan 29, 2007 12:55 PM

Stanton Social Club

went for brunch and was completely overwhelmed everything offered was sharable and extremely tasty!
1. onion soup dumplings were awesome=quickly demolished
2 Bacon and cheddar fritta ditto (a tad smallish portion to say the least)
3 salmon bendict sliders- fantastic!
started with the hot home made fresh sugar donuts with a side of caramel sauce...Perfect!

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  1. You started with home made sugar donuts?!?!? NICE!

    1. I went recently for brunch and found the food to be good, but didn't actually like our onion soup dumplings. they didn't taste warm or soupy enough. it's possible that they were not heated enough. the vanilla pancakes were very tasty, as was the pizza we tried. I thought it was overpriced for the amount of food you get to share (and considering it was brunch), but most of it was tasty.

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        you are not wrong,twig, was not cheap, but still very good! excellent bloodies!

      2. The Stanton Social= Overrated. The food is good, don't get me wrong... but you can get good food at alot of places in the city- for way less attitude. I go out alottt, and rarely do I see such bad attitudes from anyone (Except maybe from the people at STK...but STK reps better food). And Stanton also boasts this amazing decor? A couple of antique-y mirrors does not amazing decor make. They should get over themselves fast, because everyone else kinda already is. They were never really even that in.

        1. We ate here last night. The food was good, and some of it was delicious (those kobe beef sliders...) and the wait staff was friendly, if a little distracted. On the other hand, the food came out a little to quickly, and some of it tasted as though it may have spent some time under a heat lamp. The decor is nothing special, I almost felt like I was in a glorified TGI Fridays. Other "scene" restaurants, like Asia de Cuba, have tons more ambiance. And if you're over thirty, you're liable to find the pounding music and young-ish crowd a bit offputting.

          1. I went there with my company and just had those Kobe Sliders and French Onion Soup Dumplings coming one after another. Good thing it was expensed as a company dinner :)

            Only bad thing was that the wait to get a table was so long as I noticed a lot of people were there for over an hour (that's how long I had to wait until a table for 5 opened up).