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Jan 29, 2007 12:53 PM

Inexpensive lunch & dinner chow in DC

We are in Washington for two nights and are looking for inexpensive, but good, restaurants. We are staying on I & Capitol, SW.

We have a car and are near the 'Navy Yard' Green Line metro stop. An ideal selection would be where we can drive and park in the area.

Please send me some suggestions fast, as we are leaving Wednesday, Jan 31 '07.


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    1. Monday night cheap eats near you include:
      Five Guys, a local burger chain, at 1100 New Jersey Ave., SE.
      Half price burger night on Mondays at Bullfeathers at 410 1st Street, SE, if you buy a beverage.
      Tunnicliff's Tavern has Mexican Mondays at 222 7th Street, SE, with Taco Salads, Mexican Pizza and Mexican Chicken Sandwiches, all available at the bar with some cheap specials on drinks too. More available in the dining room at reasonable prices.
      Tunnicliff's has bar specials every night but Saturday.
      Drive up 8th Street, SE from M Street, along Barracks Row, to get to Tunnicliffs, which is across from Eastern Market.
      Between the Navy Yard and Pennsylvania Avenue, there are any number of restaurants serving a variety of foods from Asian fusion, Caribbean, Belgian, Salvadoran, Peruvian, and plain old American bar food. Even a Dunkin Donuts.
      In the 200 and 300 blocks of Penn, SE, you'll find lots more restaurants to choose from.
      Parking is available on the streets near all of these. Less than a mile from where you are.

      1. It will be just as well for you to drive into Virginia for the easy parking and great grub, less expensive and more interesting than DC.
        Close by in Arlington, VA (with recommended dishes):

        Costa Verde (fish in white onion sauce)
        Thai Square: (Tile fish and catfish appetizers)
        Jaleo (spanish tapas, try the patatas bravas and the spinach with raisins)

        1. Try La Loma restaurant on Mass. Ave., NE (the Senate side of The Hill). I have been going for years and am always happy with it. Cheap but good Mexican fare and it is a popular among the Hill staffers.

          1. I live in the area, and it's true that the proximity of the freeway makes Arlington and Alexandria pretty much as convenient as Capitol Hill by car.

            Bebo in Crystal City (Arlington) serves some nice Italian food at amazing prices, if you don't mind some iffy service.

            Hard Times Cafe -- the original on King Street in Alexandria or the one in Clarendon (Arlington) -- serves excellent Cincinnati- and Terlingua-style chili (stay away from the Texas-style, a.k.a. Alpo + cumin).

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              alpo + cumin- the funniest thing I've seen posted on here in weeks!

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                I'll see your alpo+cumin and raise you Hamburger Helper+cinnamon.