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Jan 29, 2007 12:50 PM

Anyone been to Flatbush Farm lately?

Looking for a somewhat low key place for a birthday celebration on a saturday...

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  1. had a lovely meal there about three weeks ago. the artichoke dip from the bar menu (which we got to nibble until a table was available) was so salty it was barely edible, but everything else was wonderful. i just loved the mushroom spaetzle and chicken liver appetizers the most!

    1. We were there last night for dinner. Actually, there was someone there celebrating their birthday there - they seemed to be having a good time.

      We had the mushroom spaetzle as well, and I would definitely go back for just that dish - it's great comfort food! We ordered the fish of the day, wild salmon, and they ended up sending us a sea bass. We don't like to send dishes back, but this time we did and the waiter was pretty cool about it. The salmon turned out to be really good.

      Overall, I think they serve quality fresh food, but the service could definitely improve. They may be a bit understaffed, so I give them points for trying. I'm all for supporting what they're trying to do, so maybe if you're feeling patient this birthday you could give them a try.

      If you're looking at other places in that area, I'd recommend Franny's, Convivium, and Joy Indian (cheap and delicious!).

      1. I order from Joy Indian all the time. I love their Chicken Tandoori. The last time we ordered, though, the chicken was totally undercooked, like I mean UNCOOKED in the middle. However, we called them up, and without any hassle whatsoever, they brought over a new, cooked tandoori.

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          Ooh. Uncooked chicken, my favorite!

          Happy to meet a fellow lover of Joy. I think it's definitely a Chowhound spot.

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            Interestingly, before we started ordering from Joy, we would order from Star of India. And before that, from Amin. In every instance, I would at least once get undercooked chicken.

        2. I went there with a friend for drinks and bar food recently. We ordered the spiced almonds, which were sweeter than I would have liked. I had the mushroom spaetzle (delicious) and my friend had the burger, which she thought was really good. I also recommend the Mo' Stomy, which was a combination of a Mojito and a Dark & Stormy and was delicious. Service was a bit flaky. They forgot all of the garnish on my friend's burger, and we had to ask twice to get them to bring it. I first chalked this up to the fact that we were eating at a table in the bar, but then we had to flag someone down and then go up to the bar and remind them again when we wanted a drink refill. So, service is eh, but drinks, food, and atmosphere were good.

          1. went there with a few friends for brunch a few weeks ago, and had some of the worst service i have ever experienced at any restaurant, ever. the food was also not very good. i was totally shocked - everyone i had talked to about the place raved about it. i and one person i was with waited over an hour for our eggs and grits. everything came out at bad times, and our waiter appeared to be high as he scratched his head repeatedly while leaning over our food. seriously, it was a joke.

            are they better for dinner? i won't be going back after that snafu, but i am wondering just how much of an anomaly it was.

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              I have to agree, although I want to really like this place about 25% of it is disappointing. The menu is awesome, I've eaten there twice, and from what I've eaten it has been really good. I've had the rabbit ragu, chorizo, oysters, iron pot chicken, grilled octopus over polenta, and cheese plate. These have all been more than satisfying. Plus the beer, wine and cocktail menu is awesome. I especially appreciate the tap beer selection of two sixpoint ales.

              Now for the bad 25%: The service has been off and on. I don't normally mind, but the prices are high and the cuisine is discriminating. I'd expect the service to be a little more professional, more knowledgeable about the menu, and more knowledgeable about proper service etiquette in general. They have a strong menu, great inspiration, and expensive prices, but a lack of basic service requirements which is disappointing.