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Jan 29, 2007 12:44 PM

Rao's on sale at Turco's

Not a huge savings, but every little bit helps for those "don't know what to have for dinner" nights.
Every variety of sauce is $6.99 at Turco's in Yorktown (not sure about the one on Central Ave.)

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  1. Be a little careful on the size of the jar. There are 3 sizes 15.5, 24 and 32 ounces. 6.99 for the middle size (normally the size advertized) still converts to north of $10 for the 32 oz size.

    1. Buy Cento San Marzano for $2.99 (sale price, usually around $6.00). A better product at a much better price.

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        TO, I finally found Cento's last week after contacting the company direct. On sale for $2.50 per bottle. Tried last week with some sausage over red pepper and smoke mozz ravioli. M&M Jfood agree this is a great sauce.

        I think Rao's a little better, but not worth 4-5 times the price.

      2. Actually Turco's on Central Ave had been sold a while ago....the full turn to the new owners is taking is becoming an amazing place....It is called Morton Williams