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Jan 29, 2007 12:42 PM

Best Vegas Breakfast-Diner style

Looking for large portions, good quality, basic omelettes, pancakes, etc. on the cheap.
On the strip preferably near Mandalay Bay.

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  1. on the strip nearby mandalay are you saying you are on the strip or you need the place to be on the strip ? cheap, large portions and quality on the're kidding ...right ? if you want quantity, average quality at best for breakfast on the strip and near have to go with the buffet at excalibur...before it closed, i would've suggested klondike just down the street...

    if you are willing to drive 2 -3 miles off the strip mandalay...there's black bear diner - but one of the bear breakfasts ...3/4 pound ham steak, 3/4 pound...or is it a pound chicken fried steak, or 5 sausage links with 3 eggs, browns and 2 very large biscuits, will set you back $10...

    maybe hooters casino will have a place...i personally haven't been there, but it's in the vicinity...

    unless you have some coupon pack from one of the casino's - i don't think you'll find much value in a breakfast...another place close by is the wild west casino - they have $1.99 specials...basic...but cheap. also the golden palm has an a billboard stating a 99 cent breakfast...and they claim to have the best pancakes in town...for 99 cents ?!?!?! enter at your own risk !

    1. Aladdin (now Planet Hollywood) claims to have the best breakfast buffet on the strip. it's not exactly what you are looking for, i know, but that's my two cents. i did eat it; however, i enjoyed too much wine the night before, so i can't give you an honest opinion on it.

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        I know Planet Hollywood has a very good buffet in general, but the Paris breakfast buffet is utterly divine.

        Part of me wants to chime in for Peppermill, but it's on the other end of the strip and not the cheapest breakfast around. I think the thing to do there is to have coffee and split the fruit salad. The coffee is the thick, rich kind that you can almost stand the spoon up in, and the fruit salad is gigantic. When it's served, it looks like someone just put Carmen Miranda's hat on your table. I think it would be enough for three people easily, which puts its 13 dollar price into certainly reasonable territory.

      2. Thanks for the replies..I had heard about the buffet at Aladdin and we plan to go there for dinner one night. I think we'll put Black Bear & Peppermill on the agenda..we do have a car.

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          with a car..can i make one more recommendation - try hash house a gogo - as it's sign says " twisted indiana farm food" ...well....something like that !!! it's breakfasts are very interesting - i suggest their spin on eggs benedict - they have a traditional but they also have one with fried chicken breast with a chipotle cream or the pork cutlet - pounded out to the size of a only beef...i would want the eggs over easy and not scrambled...yet i keep forgeting to ask if they can prepare that way !!! i gotta believe they can -

          peppermill is worth a look for the nostalgic perspective alone and the fruit platter is a hoot - not sure if this is the best time of year for it but the bread with the marshamallow topping is tasty.

          enjoy and please report back !!!

        2. If you're staying at Mandalay, a good bet, tho far from cheap, is Veranda inside the Four Seasons which is inside MB. Many think it's the best b'kfst in LV, but again, obviously not cheap.

          Since you have a car, many have spoken highly of b'kfst at Hash House a gogo. Huge portions, not simple, not cheap either but cheaper than Veranda.

          The other choice, again not cheap, is Bouchon.

          Good quality and cheap don't go together in LV like they used to. Cheap doesn't get you much any longer.