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Jan 29, 2007 12:33 PM

Seattle Raw Bar

Looking for the best raw bar in the city...

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  1. Although a bit touristy, I am fairly partial to Elliott's Oyster House (Pier 56) as it is a consistent, quick and friendly place to go. The staff are also very well informed considering the variety of oysters they offer.

    I've also heard good things about the ceviche and poke being served at Seastar in Bellevue, but I've never been:

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      The "Oyster Happy hour" is great. Starts at 3:00, with fifty-cent oysters. They go up in price 20 cents each half hour, so go early and get a couple dozen.

    2. I always wondered about the Brooklyn. Is it any good?

      1. on my first visit to the brooklyn, there was a small problem which the management handled by offering me a voucher for a free meal - some time later, when i used the voucher, there was, sadly, yet another (different) problem but this time i was told - by on onsite partner, no less! - to get out and not come back - a dictum with which i have been happy to comply

        1. As already mentioned I agree with Elliott's Oyster House, the staff is well informed and about the oysters they have.

          1. It's a chain, and it's from the midwest, no less, but I've always had great oysters at Oceanaire on 7th and Olive.