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Jan 29, 2007 12:24 PM

No ramen in Palo Alto

How come there are no Ramen places in Palo Alto? San Mateo and Mountain View are far away when you just want a quick bowl of good ramen.

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  1. I feel your pain. There's hardly anything that's cheap and steamy good in PA! I generally think that Mountain View isn't too far when I get the hankering, and many of the restaurants have great (late) hours too. I prefer MaruIchi to Ryowa.

    1. i guess Zao doesn't really count as ramen right?

      1. Hate to offer this grasp at straws but perhaps Long Life Noodle Company in the Stanford shopping center offers a ramen-like dish. Palo Alto rent's a bit dear for this kind of good, cheap fare. If you want a chicken-fried steak the size of an astroturf doormat, yeah, we got all the Cheesecake Factory you can handle, pal, but...

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        1. re: orezscu

          Long Life Noodle in Stanford is perhaps one of the worst places I've ever eaten.... I don't know how they stay in business. But that's only my opinion, right?

        2. What about Lime Leaf on University Ave? (I guess it's becoming Mint Leaf) I haven't been there yet (opened before the holidays) but I know they serve up pho. Apparently a blend of both Vietnamese and Thai traditional dishes.

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          1. re: nutmeg

            Lime Leaf is currently closed for renovations (turning as nutmeg said into Mint Leaf). I've been to the Mint Leaf on Middlefield and also tried out Lime Leaf before it was remodeled. Food was on the mediocre side and Lime Leaf's service was literally horrendous. Not only did it take us 45 minutes to receive two noodle dishes, they also repeatedly offered us, and the two tables next to us the wrong dishes. I'm sure the service will get better as they get into their stride.

            It's a great location, so it's too bad. Decent pho here would be just as welcome as decent ramen!

          2. doesn't any of the japanese restaurants in palo alto offer ramen?

            kaygetsu | fuki sushi | miyake | etc...

            i'm guessing it'll be nothing like a true ramen house, but it's a start.

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            1. re: wchane

              i actually don't think they do, but they do offer udon and soba dishes. it seems that most ramen is served in restaurants that specialize in ramen, not sure though!

              1. re: thejulia

                actually you're right. they offer udon and soba, not ramen. i some how mixed up the three.