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Jan 29, 2007 12:08 PM

Best BBQ?

Hello - nice southern guy here looking for some great, moist, smokin' bbq in the greater boston area. i tried all the "best" that people have recommeded as in blue ribbon (newton), redbones (somerville) and village smokehouse (brookline). i was v. disappointed at all of them. had better bbq at corky's in the south. that's not good. :T has anyone tried bob's or know of some enchanting place that cranks out some mean ribs, brisket, and yummy corn bread?

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  1. Well, for pork ribs, my fav is Uncle Pete's Hickory Ribs in Revere. Frankly, I like pork ribs so much, I rarely eat any other kind of BBQ.

    BTW, I think Redbones is vastly overrated.

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      Thanks man. I agree about Redbones. I love pork ribs and will def. check out uncle pete's. cheers!

    2. Most all of the cornbread I tried in my 8 years in Boston was of the sweet variety, rather than the more dense, butter laden cornbread which I grew up on in Georgia.

      Bob's is not the place to go for good 'cue.

      Do a search, the boston board is littered with threads about the "best" barbecue in Boston.

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        Nice avatar. I bet you hear that from all the girls.

        I don't think the OP will find better than Blue Ribbon for meats (mmmm, brisket) and Uncle Pete's for pork ribs, do you?

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          I didn't try Pete's in Revere before I moved, but the last time I ate at the Eastie location, the ribs were a bit dry.

          I tended to rely on my own ribs but would get pulled at Blue Ribbon (a step down or two from say, Allen and Sons in Chapel Hill, but still damn good) and sometimes their brisket. After going to Kreuz in Lockhart, TX, I've changed my mind about all brkset can be. Blue Ribbon's isn't as good, but it's one of the better ones in Boston. Haven't tried the brisket at the newish place in Allston.

          And the avatar comes through as only a portion of the CH sandwich. Shame.

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            As a Pete's fan, I have to say that the ribs I've been having recently at Lester's in Burlington would stand up pretty well.

        2. Fireflies has good brisket and pulled pork. Sides are a little weak.
          How's the chowder south of the M/D line?

          1. Uncle Pete's is a must...great food!

            I heard so many great things about RedBones but when I actually ate there I hated overrated!

            I've heard alot about Fireflies but I live on the North Shore so Uncle Pete's is closest!

            1. Nothing compares to the BBQ I used to have in Chicago (Twin Anchors, Carsons, etc) which is as serious about bbq as Boston is about ice cream. Still, Blue Ribbon in West Newton and Bison Country in Waltham are pretty good. Memphis Roadhouse in South Attleboro and Firefly's in Framingham have decent BBQ but lose points for mediocre side dishes.