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Jan 29, 2007 12:03 PM


Has anyone been to Jimisan Sushi recently? Is it any good? I am supposed to eat there with a friend this week, and, being a sushi snob, I am wary....

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  1. never been even though i live in the hood. a good friend of mine whom i trust definetly has enjoyed the sushi and times she has been there.
    if you can report back, please do!

    1. The best sushi in an area that has several good sushi places.

      1. Jimisan was a disappointment. It is a comfortable, clean restaurant, and the fish is fresh and reasonably high quality. The mango tuna appetizer was scrumptious. However, the sushi rice was so undercooked that it made it difficult to eat the sushi. Maybe it was an off night, but that should not happen in a good sushi restaurant.

        1. I decided to try out some new places after eating mainly at Sanraku, Shimo's, Japantown, etc. I mainly go once or twice a week with my girlfriend for sushi, sashimi, and some appetizers. We usually spend around $60-$80 total for the both of us. I dont' want to spend an arm and a leg, so I thought let me try Jimisan.


          Horrendous. The bar is L Shaped with about 4 seats on the side near the restroom and about 4-5 seats facing the sushi chefs. We sat at the bar facing Jimisan's side and behind us about 1 feet away were the bathrooms. Eww...

          The waitress seated us and left. No one came to ask what we wanted to drink. I always want to start with some saki, lol. We had to flag em down a few times to get saki, some tea, etc. I guess the 3 waitresses mainly handled the non bar patrons.

          Jimisan was a "cold" fish to us. He chit chatted a bit with the regulars. Fine. This was our first time at his restaurant. But, at least do a bit of recommendations or eye contact. Sort of like flagging a taxi, lol.

          We ordered:
          Fresh Spanish Makerel (yummy)
          King salmon (average, small slices)
          Uni (good, good portion)
          Blue Fin Tuna (good, good portion)
          Hamachi Kama (dry dry dry)
          A few hot saki

          Netune Roll (Salmon and Scallops) It looked good on paper. I honestly did not know they were going to cook the salmon. They topped the roll with about 3-4 pieces of scallop that were the size of small green peas. Jeez...

          I ordered Ankimo (but Jimisan forgot it, lol). Told him to cancel.


          Total cost was around $70. Nothing great, fish variety was quite limited. Fish was good, but nothing spectacular. You can get this same kind of quality at most places. Service sucks, and Jimmy's cold fish attitude did not help.

          For around this same price, I still say Sanraku, Shimo's, and even Sushi House is way way better. I would not go again. Fyi...owner is Korean, Nothing wrong with that, just fyi.