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best buffalo wings

anybody know where i can get good baked wings in NYC?

i know only of 4th street bar in the east village...

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  1. You had me until I read the word "baked" ...

    1. Frying is just like baking, only in oil, right?

      1. seal - buffalo wings are baked. talk to your friends from buffalo.

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          Um, no. I lived in Rochester for 7 years, and have eaten Buffalo wings in a million joints all over upstate NY, including their original home, the Anchor Bar in Buffalo. True Buffalo wings are NEVER, EVER BAKED OR BREADED. They are tossed naked into a deep fryer until crispy, then sauced.

          To answer the original question, I find that Atomic Wings has the most authentic, upstate NY tasting wings in the city. Blondie's wings are good too, but not as good as Atomic, IMHO. Brother Jimmy's also has decent wings - they have an all you can eat night too, which is nice, since wings tend to be REALLY expensive in NYC (by Rochester/Buffalo standards, anyway).

        2. Luke, I hate to be so contrary with you, but no authentic buffalo wing is baked, it is deep fried. I went to school in upstate New York, and have had Buffalo Wings throughout the state, including in Buffalo, and I don't think I have ever had them baked.

          Heck, the "history of the buffalo wing" on the Anchor Bar's website explicitly states that "Teressa had deep fried the wings and flavored them with a secret sauce."


          1. Luke anywhere you go for wings will say how many should I "drop" - meaning how many should I put in the fryer. Good Buffalo wings are not breaded however.

            If you are looking for nonbreaded wings the best I've had are at Rathbones.

            1. I've never seen a real buffalo wing baked, or breaded for that matter.

              Blondies on West 79th Street has always been my favorite. Great onion rings and fries too but the wings are to die for. Order them extra crispy.

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                Both Hooters and Ship of Fools bread their wings - not traditional Buffalo Wings but some people do get that confused.

                I still think Blondies uses too much vinegar in their sauce.

                1. re: wingman

                  Maybe that's why I don't like Hooters. Oh and the sleazy waitress factor too, but that's a whole other issue.

              2. Anyone who thinks wings are baked, must be baked themselves. The traditional Buffalo WIng started in the Anchor bar in Buffalo NY. It is a chicken wing or mini drumstick dropped in the deep fryer. The souch is straight hot sauce (Texas Pete, Tabasco, Red Hot....) mixed with melted butter to adjust the heat.

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                  I don't know of any place that traditionally uses mini drumsticks. When you start with whole chicken wings, the typical way to prepare Buffalo wings is to cut the wing at it's two joints, resulting in three pieces. One piece is the wing tip which is usually discarded. The remaining two pieces have a separate bone structure, one of which appears to be a drumstick, but is in fact half of the wing.


                2. One of the best wings around is to be found at Bonnie's Grill on 5th Avenue in Park Slope.

                  1. Blondie's or Atomic Wings, I find to usually be the best. And to join with the chorus, no buffalo wings are baked. In Brookly, Bonnie's are great too and will be getting from there for the Super Bowl.

                    1. I have no idea if they are baked or fried, but the best wings in Manhattan are at Scruffy Duffy's.

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                      1. re: Michael Ambrosio

                        I agree with Scruffy Duffy's. Not sure if they are best in Manhattan, but they're pretty darn good. Hot, crispy...mmmmmm.

                        I should note, I can't think of any other reason to go to Scruffy's except for the wings (unless you're a Steelers fan or like your beers absolutely freezing cold).

                        1. re: Michael Ambrosio

                          Scuffy Duffy's has the best wings. Always consistently delicious. I could eat them every day.

                          1. re: quatrosojos

                            So is the verdict Scruffy Duffy's or Blondie's?

                            Taking a friend out for her birthday this Sunday or Wednesday, and looking for a great wing place that also has good beer.

                            1. re: aacharya

                              I think they're both great, and you won't go wrong on that front. Blondie's has more seating (The UES location more than the UWS location). Don't think you'll find good beer at either. Just run of the mill domestics and imports.

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                                Scruffy Duffy's website says their last open night was feb 6th - sounds like they are closed.

                          2. In Manhattan, I love the wings at Dinosaur BBQ. For the city as a whole, it's gotta be Bonnie's Grill in Park Slope.

                            1. alright, i talked to my buddy from buffalo last night. he said anchor bar was the original (though there is a claim from another rival bar...can't remember name)
                              He said that yes, the original was fried, but that it makes next to NO difference whether they are fried or baked, a matter of preference in buffalo, what matters is the sauce that the wings are cooked in.
                              that is the key apparently.

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                              1. re: luke643

                                I just don't know how taht can be. Having spent years upstate, I've still never seen a buffalo wing baked. It completely changes the consistency and texture of the wing, regardless of how good the sauce used is.

                                1. re: jdf

                                  gotta agree. traditionally speaking fried is it.

                                  however, i can see nouveau baked buffalo wings talking a foothold in buffalo. why not? maybe thats the health food diet version? heh.

                                  true too however sauce is the key and also that breaded is an incorrect version.

                                  around here i like BLONDIES wings, great place to watch sports too -- although they are mobbed for big events. DOWN THE HATCH is good too.

                                2. re: luke643

                                  How long has your buddy lived in Buffalo? The frying alows the skin to get cripsy which seals in the moisture of the chicken; this is what gives a good wing a nice "snap" when you bite into it. Like jdf - I have never seen, or heard of any respectable wing establisment baking a wing.

                                  He may have it confused with grilling/ smoking like BBQ places such as dinosaur does; but that gives the wing an entire different flavor as well. In the abscence of any good wings in Manhattan and well not having a deep frier in my apartment I have tried to bake wings and they come out much more like the Dino variety than the anchor bar - yes the sauce is still good but the wing pales in comparison.

                                3. buffalo wings are deep fried. period.

                                  1. Kool Bloo that just opened up has really good wings. Their cajun wings are also awesome they are done in only a dry rub of spice and perfectly crisp.. sooo yummy

                                    1. Yes, as a proud graduate of Buffalo State and patron of every 5-cent wing night that the surroundings had to offer, there is no debate: the wings are deep friend. However, as said earlier, experiementing with the old classics is not always a bad thing.

                                      Pretty much have to second the Blondies and Down the Hatch recommendations here. The wings at Dinosaur, while scrumptious and deserving all the praise they get here, are not traditional Buffalo wings...

                                      1. I had pretty good Buffalo wings at ACME last week, which surprised me given it was a southern comfort/cajun place (you can choose Buffalo or BBQ). I know for Superbowl they're having a promotion on all take-out orders: free order of wings for every $50 spent. If you eat there, all appetizers are half-off (including wings).

                                        1. Being a Buffalo native- they are always fried. Best delivery wings I have had are from Best Wingers Express they have a good sauce but you can also get some variations like garlic cheese and awesome tangy bbq wings.
                                          Another place- Grand Saloon has great wings. A little more tangy sauce but big juicy wings (when you get a good showing).
                                          Btw I attached a picture of my Anchor Bar wings from last year when I was home :) (although Bar Bill in East Aurora has the best!)

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                                          1. re: roze

                                            Wow - I never thought I'd see East Aurora mentioned on the Chowhound boards!

                                            1. re: wingman

                                              You guys are spot on! After going to Anchor bar, Duffs, and the Bar Bill.....Bar Bill comes out on top. Everytime im there (often) it is top notch!

                                              1. re: shorts

                                                I secretly dream of winning the lottery and opening up my own nyc version of the bar bill-- I'll let you know if it ever happens :)

                                          2. Firehouse on the UWS.

                                            1. Add the Stoned Crow to the mix! They make destination worthy wingd there!

                                              1. Thought the thread was about best wings and not cooking techniques... Big fan of Baker street on 61st and 1st

                                                1. I live in Buffalo, wings are deep fried & sometimes put on the bbq for the "charbroil".

                                                  1. Dinosaur is the best in Manhattan, second place goes to Blondie's

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                                                    1. re: jwobkk

                                                      Dinosaur's wings are great, but they're not buffalo wings.

                                                        1. re: bigjeff

                                                          Essentially Dinosaur's are a smoky barbeque style. They're great, but not a buffalo wing which is essentially wings that are deep fried and tossed in a buffalo wing sauce. Additionally, a "buffalo" wing sauce is a mix of hot sauce, vinegar and other spices, whereas the Dinosaur wings are barbeque based.

                                                    2. ok, I posted something about Top 5 wings a few days ago and got no response, I'll just chime in here with my favorite wings, three of which are not actually buffalo wings but one of which (Pete's Tavern's buffalo wings) claims it is and, is really great:

                                                      1. Kasadela's Tebaya (EV classy izakaya with the stickiest, gooey-est and most delicious chicken wings)
                                                      2. Tebaya (Chelsea takeout with similar style of wing, pretty damn tasty)
                                                      3. BBQ's Honey-basted Wings (yes, BBQ sucks, but these wings, tho sweet, are delicious)
                                                      4. Pete's Tavern Buffalo Wings (these are not the bufffalo wings you know; instead they are sweet, crispy, crunchy, delicious)
                                                      5. The Hong Kong Chicken Wings (OK, this is not in New York City but in Harvard Square in Cambridge, but these are great too; gooey stickey sweet sauce, fried to a crisp, and in a similar style to the above)


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                                                        I second that Kasadela makes the best chicken wings in the city. However, their tebasaki are not buffalo wings. I went the the inventor of tebasaki - Furaibo - in Nagoya, Japan, last year and Kasadela's version holds up favorably. Furaibo was better, but not by much!

                                                        1. re: lambretta76

                                                          oh for sure not buffalo wings, I just wanted to interject with some non-buffalo wing choices . . .

                                                        2. re: bigjeff

                                                          bigjeff, last night I tried the wings at Pete's Tavern because Jamon was, well, Jammed, and I was starving in the nabe with 6 people. The wings were okay; I give them a 6. Being hungry, I ate them all, but IMO they fell short of being recommendation-worthy. As you noted, they are not Buffalo wings, despite what the menu says. The flavor was good, I agree: on the sweet side, but with a saving touch of cuminy spice and heat. However, the sauce was gloppy and the wings themselves were of the overly-fleshy variety, IMO. The blue cheese dip was horribly thin (the consistency of milk), and the celery was wilted.

                                                          BTW, our burgers were passable, although my knee-jerk "medium" (I have given up on ordering my real preference, medium rare, in all but the finest joints due to due to repeated undercooked disappointments) arrived well-done. So I guess I should have ordered rare? The fries were below average, of the thick and wedge-shaped variety reminiscent of hospital cafeterias.

                                                          On the upside, my Guinnesses were good and they had no problem seating 6 people at 7:30 pm--no doubt in large part because of their culinary shortcomings.

                                                        3. Hey Luke, finding baked wings in the city outside of your own kitchen is definitely going to be a task. I can't imagine any restaurant serving them. To echo others on the board, I love the Dinosaur smoked and grilled wings. I grew up in CNY and did the 10.99 pizza and wing specials for dinner a lot. I don't really care for fried wings anymore. My friend back home made some killer baked wings (buffalo style, for what its worth) and they were amazing! Just my 2 cents.

                                                          1. Baked wings are great, if you make them correctly. I will say at the outset that I have no inside scoop as to which NYC restaurants bake them, so I'm speaking only from my own kitchen here.

                                                            I bake wings all the time (and will do so for the game tomorrow). Like a lot of things, the wings will be good if you don't try to cut corners. Here is my method for very crispy, tasty wings:

                                                            Whole wings from the poultry section (note: if you buy pre-separated, frozen wings your wings will suck. No way around it.)
                                                            Hot sauce or wing sauce (see below for the difference)

                                                            1. Cut off the wing tips and dispose, separate the remaining wing into two pieces. I use poultry shears for this - you can use a chef's knife or a cleaver if you like, but I find the shears the easiest method.

                                                            2. Spray a baking sheet (with low sides to prevent fat from running into your oven) with cooking spray. Arrange the wings skin-side side down.

                                                            3. Bake in a 425 degree oven for 30 minutes.

                                                            4. Turn the wings over with thongs.

                                                            5. Bake for 30 minutes more.

                                                            6. Toss wings in the wing sauce (if you bought hot sauce, mix it with melted butter).

                                                            7. Return to the cookie sheet and bake for 10 more minutes.

                                                            The wings will come out crispy and delicious. I dip them in ranch dressing but many prefer blue cheese. I highly recommend Marie's for wing-dipping.

                                                            Not that this will settle the debate, but my experience is that if you're going to make wings yourself, this method will be easier, taste better and be better for you than using a fry-daddy or trying to deep-fry them in a pan. I've had great results and lots of compliments making them this way.

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                                                              For a little extra crunch, I like to put the wings under high broiler for 5 minutes. A tablespoon of brown sugar and butter, and a teaspoon of vinegar with a 1/4 cup of hot sauce (half sambal oleck and Frank's hot sauce).

                                                            2. here's what i love about baked wings: if the wings are little, you can put a whole wing segment in your mouth, half suck, half bite, and the bone(s) come out clean. Tender, delicious, so much more satisfying then the gooey mess that fried and slathered wings.

                                                              i am glad there are a few more out there who agree

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                                                              1. re: luke643

                                                                Luke, baked wings taste fine - I make them at home - much less mess than frying. However, again, real buffalo wings are not baked, as is evidenced by all the posts in this thread and it will be unlikely you will find a baked buffalo wing anywhere in NYC other than your own kitchen.

                                                              2. Baker Street Ale House makes Great Wings, (not baked), and they deliver.
                                                                1st ave at about 62nd st.

                                                                1. well, that was a mouthful from all. I love me my baked wings, and will hold the flame for them forever! and someday i will trek out to buffalo and do all the eating of wings i can baked and fried.

                                                                  until then, it's 4th street pub for me.

                                                                  1. DEFINITELY worth the trip to 133rd Street for Dinosaur BBQ's wings. I had them twice over last weekend up in Rochester. They are fantastic. You can also get their sauce at Fairway and make them yourself!

                                                                    1. My favorite wings in NYC are at 1849 on Bleeker st. And on Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday they are 20 cents a wing. Crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside, with really great flavor. Yumm.

                                                                      1. Never having been to Buffalo my favorites are in NYC- The Back Page Sportsbar and in Lake Harmony PA-Shenanigans

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                                                                        1. re: guttergourmet

                                                                          Shenanigans? That restaurant with all the goofy stuff on the walls and the mozzarella sticks?

                                                                        2. McAleer's on the UWS makes a good wing, and, even better, they are free. You buy two pitchers and they give you two free orders of wings.

                                                                          1. I know the worst wings in the US is Moe's at Cincinnati airport terminal c. I just ate them and for the first time in my life I couldn't eat the dozen.
                                                                            Good wings at Jakes Dilemma, albeit not the best, they're solid. Blondie's are really really good. Atomic is really good as well.
                                                                            I like the lowfat version by using breast meat with the skin still on. Crystal hot sauce is the ONLY hot sauce that should be used.
                                                                            Down with tabasco and the rest.

                                                                            1. the wings at great jones cafe is really good too

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                                                                              1. re: shereesss

                                                                                Scruffy Duffy's still gets my vote. Although it appears they will be closin the end of the year and moving to an as-yet-undetermined location. (Im hope it's near my office or home!!!!)

                                                                                And Buffalo wings are NEVER baked. Baked wings may be tasty if prepared well, but Buffalo wings are always fried and never breaded. (OTOH, I have been known to grill wings and shake them up with my wing sauce--they are incredibly tasty and I actually prefer them to 'true' Buffalo wings--the char flavor mixes with the wing sauce nicely.)

                                                                              2. I agree with Blondies being the best. But here's one that I don't think has been mentioned and they have excellent wings...Rare. It's on Bleecker at 6th, accross from that mini park they just got done renovating. Excellent "Lollipop Wings." Very tangy sauce, very saucy and hot.

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                                                                                1. re: myclawyer

                                                                                  THEY ARE NOT BUFFALO WINGS but are delicious in their own right: Corner Cafe, Bleeker and Broadway.

                                                                                2. okay folks, i have traveled the country for the last 15 years in my job. note my screen name.

                                                                                  this is what I have found: first great wings are fried and unbreaded. it's not a debate. HOWever, i have baked them and it works if you steam the fat out of them first. but personally, one day I am going to open a bar that grills them...Landsdowne (or scruff duffys as i just found out) on 10 ave in manhattan has a really nice HOT wing and the best I have had yet in NYC. It's not that generic light orange hot sauce, which quite frankly i think Blondie's is. they are tasty, but not great or the best by any stretch. Virgils in Time Sq has a whole differnt kind of moist fall off the bone BBQ wing. they are not a hot wing, though they do have residual heat but damn tasty. Stillwater in the east village has an amazing Bourbon BBQ wing too. in brooklyn, bonnies did not blow me away first visit and i have not been back since, but I have read SO many great reviews, I need to give them another shot. just too many good reviews. i look forward to trying rathbones and dinasours others listed below. best

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                                                                                  1. re: woodbone wing king

                                                                                    There's been some turnover at Bonnie's and I hate to report that the last couple of times I've been to Bonnie's I've been underwhelmed, so much so that I probably won't be returning. The burger has gone downhill, too, with Dram Shop now being my fave in the nabe. (Not same style, but excellent - haven't had their wings yet.)

                                                                                    A new wing bar has opened up on Smith St. in Carroll Gardens that has had some good buzz, but I haven't been.

                                                                                    1. re: woodbone wing king

                                                                                      I cant believe I left these guys out in my first review, but i stumbled upon them meeting a buddy off the chambers stop a year ago. I remember loving these wings, and am going to make a point to get back soon. MUDVILLE 9 has an awesome set up, lots of TV's, and some tasty wings! Give it a try! And I went back to Landsdowne just the other night, easily the best wings going in manhattan. A very serious HOT, with a great sauce that has all kinds of flavor running through them! Make it your next stop, then MUDVILLE !

                                                                                      1. re: woodbone wing king

                                                                                        Agreed on Landsdowne. Have also heard very good things about Mudville.

                                                                                    2. The Blind Tiger Ale House has amazing baked buffalo wings (no fryolator in kitchen). Big, juicy, fall-off-the-bone and spicy.

                                                                                      Blind Tiger
                                                                                      281 Bleecker St, New York, NY 10014