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so, we are in brooklyn (among some of you other outer boro peoples).

i want to know what everybody thinks is the best bagel here. and if anybody says H&H i will slap them.

I currently think that these are the contenders:

Bergen bagel
montegue hot bagels
terrace bagels

la bagel is out, cause their cream cheese sucks.

what ya'all think?

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  1. I can't disagree with Bergen Bagels or Terrace Bagels. I used to live on 13th and PPW, and would go to Terrace Bagels every weekend. It almost made it worth it living on the godforsaken F Train line...almost.

    1. Why mention H and H since they are not in Brooklyn anyways?

      1. Also, where in Brooklyn are you?

        Also, use the search function. Man oh man has there been a lot of bagel talk on here.

        My pick? Bagel Hole in the Slope. No contest.

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          I agree. Their bagels are not too big or too doughy, and they have a nice glaze that makes them a little crunchy.

          1. re: luke643

            Still curious why you mention H and H, as there isnt one outside of Manhattan.

            What don't you like about Bagel Hole? Its an uphill battle disliking them as they have such a following.

            1. re: Larry Brooks

              Lots of places in Brooklyn sell /serve H&H bagels. For instance, Flying Saucer on Atlantic and even the arab pizza place next to it has them.

              1. re: bobjbkln

                Yup, I know that.

                I misread the op as if there was an actual H and H -location in BK which there is not, afaik

          2. Bagel Hole may be the best bagel in the city. It's certainly one of the few left that still resembles a real chewy boiled bagel and not big puffy round bread. Ignore the kind of scuzzy surroundings, and don't expect anything in terms of amenities, but the bagels there really can't be beat anywhere in this part of Brooklyn.

            1. I was never a big fan of Bagel Hole myself. Back when I lived on 13th and PPW (2000-2002), I went there a couple of times and was always unimpressed. I always found the bagels to be not fresh. Terrace Bagels, on the other hand...I never had a bad one.

              La Bagel Delight makes a good bagel, but not the same caliber as Terrace Bagel. I do tend to go there, though, because it is the most convenient to me.

              I used to really like Bergen Bagel also (this was when I lived on Berkeley and before the President Street La Bagel opened -- back from like 2002-2003), but my recent visits haven't been as good. Not a bad bagel, but not as good as it used to be.

              1. Terrace Bagels. No question. Otherwise, I liked Bagelsmith when I lived in the Burg.

                1. I was a Terrace Bagel devotee until I tried Bagel Hole. Hands down Bagel Hole is numero uno in Kings County. When it comes to diversity such as different meats, soups and cream cheese then yes Bagel Hole comes out short. But we're looking for good bagels not the other stuff.

                    1. if you are a puffy bagel person, terrace is good. big puffy bagel. If you like the more arguably "traditional" smaller, denser bagel, then the bagel hole is the place to go.

                      1. I don't think that Terrace even boils their big puffy "bagels". As round bread goes though they're decent, and unlike the Hole they do have a nice clean store carrying a full range of spreads, meats, salads, and even some Italian appetizing items.

                        1. I know that this is pretty far from where you are, but on 77th and 5th Ave in Bay Ridge there's this place called Sam's Bagels. Def. boiled and baked. Nice and chewy and crispy at the same time.

                          And they have a fantastic lox spread. :)

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                            Sam does make a great bagel. The best I've had is Dyker Park Hot Bagels on 86th Street between 7th Avenue and Forth Hamilton Parkway (closer to 7th). Their location is not at all convenient, but the bagels are well worth the walk/drive.

                          2. Bagel Hole all the way. Bagels are not supposed to be puffy, roll-like, but chewy, dense, substancial. I bring Bagel Hole bagels back to NJ for the folks and *close* friends. Terrace does have great whitefish tho!

                            1. I really don't know where this definition of bagels comes from. I grew up here both my parents grew up here and I have no memory of a "dense, substantial" bagel and nor do they. Bagels should, in all my experience, be a very slight bit hard/crunchy on the outside (JUST A HINT OF HARDNESS) and relatively soft on the inside. not fluffy at all, but not too dense, this talk of mini-bagels is sacrilage as far as my bagel knowledge is concerned. They should be a bit mishappen perhaps. they should have bruise type spots on either side where the adjoining bagels cooked into them while on the flat rod. Bagels should'nt be HUGE, nor pizza, this is a NY/Manhattan led stereotype of both foods.
                              But the reverse is also not true in my opinion. it sounds to me like all these bagel hole adherents are being taken in by the idea that the opposite of the big fluffy bagel is the best bage. I say that the actual best bagel is somewhere in between. And at the moment I still say that terrace are the keeper's of the flame that I know about...of course I have to trek out to borough park to try another that some folks have mentioned.

                              1. You are kidding, right??? The puffy, non-boiled before baked bagel shaped rolls at the Terrace you say are definitional?

                                And what is a bialy? I can't wait to hear that one.