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Jan 29, 2007 11:54 AM


so, we are in brooklyn (among some of you other outer boro peoples).

i want to know what everybody thinks is the best bagel here. and if anybody says H&H i will slap them.

I currently think that these are the contenders:

Bergen bagel
montegue hot bagels
terrace bagels

la bagel is out, cause their cream cheese sucks.

what ya'all think?

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  1. I can't disagree with Bergen Bagels or Terrace Bagels. I used to live on 13th and PPW, and would go to Terrace Bagels every weekend. It almost made it worth it living on the godforsaken F Train line...almost.

    1. Why mention H and H since they are not in Brooklyn anyways?

      1. Also, where in Brooklyn are you?

        Also, use the search function. Man oh man has there been a lot of bagel talk on here.

        My pick? Bagel Hole in the Slope. No contest.

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        1. re: Larry Brooks

          I agree. Their bagels are not too big or too doughy, and they have a nice glaze that makes them a little crunchy.

          1. re: luke643

            Still curious why you mention H and H, as there isnt one outside of Manhattan.

            What don't you like about Bagel Hole? Its an uphill battle disliking them as they have such a following.

            1. re: Larry Brooks

              Lots of places in Brooklyn sell /serve H&H bagels. For instance, Flying Saucer on Atlantic and even the arab pizza place next to it has them.

              1. re: bobjbkln

                Yup, I know that.

                I misread the op as if there was an actual H and H -location in BK which there is not, afaik

          2. Bagel Hole may be the best bagel in the city. It's certainly one of the few left that still resembles a real chewy boiled bagel and not big puffy round bread. Ignore the kind of scuzzy surroundings, and don't expect anything in terms of amenities, but the bagels there really can't be beat anywhere in this part of Brooklyn.