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Jan 29, 2007 11:44 AM

Suggestions on how to make Jell-O exciting (non-alcohol version)?

I've been tagged to make an "exciting" Jell-O dish for a SuperBowl get-together. No alcohol.

Any suggestions?

Thanks very much.

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  1. Do you have to use Jell-O? or can it be something made with gelatin? There are a bunch of good panna cotta recipes at Epicurious. The lemon with blackberry sauce is wonderful.

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    1. re: Candy

      Thanks, but unfortunately it has to be Jell-O.

      Although I suppose I could adapt a run-of-the-mill gelatin recipe with Jell-O, right?

      1. re: ipsedixit

        I just Googled up Jello Recipes and there are a whole bunch out there. I remember on thing we used to do with Jello iin the 60's was chill it until it was almost set and then whipping it with an electric mixer until it became a Jello mousse and spooned that into servng glasses. It was not horrible IIRC.

        1. re: Candy

          The Jello mousse-like stuff can be set and then served with a complementary pudding or sauce, too.

    2. You should check out rworange's jello quest posts: Click on her post at the end to get to her results, some of which have alcohol in them, but you can still get some good ideas. And another one of her topics revolving around packaged jell-o:

      1. jello in fish molds . . . or if you want it taste good and have jello as an ingredient, a lemon pie.
        you could make them individually in small pie pans or creme brulee pots

        LEMON CREAM CHEESE PIE in a graham cracker crust

        1 (3 oz.) pkg. lemon Jello (or any lemon gelatin)
        1 c. boiling water
        MIX AND COOL

        while that happens,
        8oz. cream cheese (that low fat neufchatel is fine)
        1 c. sugar
        3T lemon juice, fresh is the best but RealLemon won't f'up the pie
        1t vanilla

        Add cheese mixture to jello mixture a little at a time

        WHIP 1 SMALL can evaporated milk, WELLchilled
        (We always used Pet milk)

        Fold the whipped milk (standing in peaks) into the mixture.

        The crust you have made beforehand (good kid activity)

        graham cracker crust:
        1/2 lb graham crackers (NOT cinnamon topped!), crushed
        (put them in a bag and whack 'em with a rolling pin, can, or mallet)
        1/2 c melted butter

        Mix crumbs and butter together in a deep dish pyrex and press it with a fork or your fingers into an even crust in the pan. save some of the dry crumbs to sprinkle on top of the pie.
        Add filling, sprinkle crumbs.
        Refrigerate a few hours or overnight, covered with wax paper after it sets up.

        + you can use ginger snaps instead of graham crackers -- esp those excellent Anna's Ginger Thins.
        + This pie is easy, but I've seen it go wrong a couple times. Don't let the jello set too long or you'll get globs of it in the pie. In this pie the jello should be incognito. I personally hate Jello. It should be just cool and a little thick, like raw egg whites.
        + Other way to go wrong: GRANULATED GRAINY. You've got to really cream that cream cheese and sugar together with the lemon juice and vanilla.

        1. I am so glad to see Jello finally mentioned on Chowhound because it is unparalleled in two situations: 1) If you get stuck with some terribly sour grapefruit, dig the segments out with a spoon as if you were going to eat it and put it in jello, any flavor but black cherry is best. The icky sweet jello sort of soaks into the sour grapefruit and the combo is palatable. 2) Sick feverish young children who won't eat anything else will usually eat red jello. No, it's not a health food, but it will get some fluid and calories into them.

          1. In a large bowl combine a pint of frozen vanilla yogurt with 2 cups hot water and one large box of black raspberry jello. Once well combined add a 15 oz can of blackberries including liquid (or 1/2 pint of fresh berries and add 1/3 cup cold water) and freeze it, you have one delicious cold jello mousse.

            I pour the entire recipe into a Tupperware ring mold and chill til ready to serve.