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Jan 29, 2007 11:27 AM

Calzone's Restaurant, North Beach

The last time we were in the city, we were looking for an Italian place in North Beach. We happened to swing by Calzone's Restaurant on Columbus and had a good time. The food was excellent as was the service.

However, when I did a search on Chowhound, I didn't find any references to this place.

Was our experience a fluke or have other people had a similar experience?

We're planning another visit to the city and may want to go back.


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    1. The restaurant itself is only mentioned once or twice, with nothing in detail aside from the fact that it's part of a group. Most of the references are to the food and not the place.

      I would imaging that with as large a prescence as it has on the street, there would be more chatter, either positive or negative.

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        If you narrow your search by including North Beach as a term, as I did in the link provided abovve, you can hone down the results. Many are still in reference to the "food", but you'll find more than one or two with a rec or two on what to order. No long reports, for sure, but there's more in the archive than you describe, both positive and negative. Hope you'll report if you try it again to fill in the gaps.

      2. Will do. Thanks for the help!

        1. We went thre once about a year or so ago. The food was very average. I prefer Panta Rei for pasta and calzone.

          1. I kinda like Calzones. It is part of a group of restaurants and it does serve the tourists mostly but the food is perfectly decent. The place has some unique decorations, they have a good selection and the service is very friendly. I do think that Panta Rei is a bit better for food (love the lamb shank and squid ink pasta with seafood) and its a bit more hip but both seem to be consistent and are great for people watching if sitting outside.