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Jan 29, 2007 11:24 AM


Hi...We're meeting friends at halfway, and that turns out to be Newburgh? Where shall we eat dinner...good ethnic? I have heard Machu Piccu is good...what else? (no chains need apply) .... thanks in advance...Maggie

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  1. There was a great Italian restaurant in Newburgh called Il Cena Cola. I believe it was on Rt. 52. Excellent food; it's been a while- if it's still there, would be a treat.

    1. It's been awhile for me too. In fact one of the best parts of the restaurant, Frank, has left. It was a verrrrry expensive restaurant, but the food was on a par with Il Mulino in Manhattan, with the grilled zucchini appetizer dripping in a lovely olive oil and the chunks of Parmiggiano Reggiano.

      However, I've since read here that it has gone downhill.

      Last places I've been in Newburgh were Gus's Steakhouse and Chianti (I think it is) on Main St.

      Loughran's Restaurant was very good too, only I have no idea where it is.

      Finally, is Raccoon Saloon close enough to Newburgh?

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        if you're looking steak, i'd recommend schlesinger's (in new windsor). i can't compare it to gus', but schlesinger's is good for up here, aged steaks and all that.

        1. Thanks for the suggestions thus far...Racoon Saloon is in Marlboro--north of Newburgh on 9W--they used to have great hamburgers...
          Anyone know about a Peruvian resturant in Newburgh: Manchu Piccu?
          What about food for non-steaklovers?


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            heres what i said a while back...

            machu picchu - peruvian food in newburgh. had the ceviches with shrimp - about 12 shrimp in there, very flavorful...and a chicken stew orange in color, which had almost no flavor - even though she asked me if i wanted spices, and i said hot but not burning.

            i'd go back.

            machu piccu is on broadway - maybe 2 buildings in from the corner of broadway (17k, i think?) and 9w.

            i forgot - i had the chicha morada - a grape juice/corn drink - which was very flavorful and different. i don't know if there was any alcohol in this version, but it cost 2.50. a coke was 1.50, for comparison.

            1. re: maggiekismet

              The Peruvian restaurant is very good.

            2. hamburgers at the Raccoon Saloon . . . "the best, Jerry, the best!"