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Jan 29, 2007 11:10 AM

Dim Sum Lovers....where and what

I'm pretty new to Dim Sum but i was hooked at first bite. China Pearl in Chinatown is the only place i've been and i'm slowly expanding my menu, started off with just steamed dumplings, spring rolls, crab balls and wonton soup...recently tried sticky pork fried rice and loved it!

So...where is the best dim sum in boston (or in the area) and what do you like to get?

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  1. Hei La Moon, 88 Beach St. across the hwy. Chau Chau City, 3rd floor, 83 Essex St.

    1. I agree with the recommendation of Hei La Moon. Their food is particularly fresh and they have some choices you don't see at the traditional venues.

      1. If you search the board on either of these (I prefer Hei La Moon) you will get suggestions of what to order.

        I love anything taro-related, and the turnip cakes are great. And I love the rice steamed in a leaf with bits and pieces of chicken, mushroom, and chinese sausage inside.

        As you can tell, I don't know the names of many of the items. I usually order by sight, but there is a poster on this board by the name of hargau who has an excellent dimsum blog complete with pictures of different dishes. Maybe you can search on that name and find a link?

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          1. I'm new to dim sum too and we just did Chau chau city and loved it. As I was leaving I saw the rice in the leaves with bits of pieces of chicken, mushroom, and chinese sausage inside. Looked awesome, vowed to get some next time. We loved everything. I order by sight too.

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              The sticky rice in the leaves is great, much better then the stuff in the upside down glass bowls. Apparantly the site no longer allows blog links and no longer sends an email when they delete your posts as they have with mine. Starting to really suck around here. I stuck it in my profile where it says "blog" perhaps you cant put it there either. who knows.