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Jan 29, 2007 10:54 AM

Beard Papa opening in Arcadia ...?

Looks like it ... in a little hut (that used to be a French bakery) about 2 blocks north of the plaza where Din Tai Fung resides on Baldwin Ave ... close to the intersection of Baldwin and Fairview.

Sorry if this is old news, but been out of town for a bit ...

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  1. I only saw the sign a few weeks ago myself. My roomate here at UCI used to work at that little store when it was a French Bakery. She said that there was an apprentice baker there who wasn't very good and that her parents bought the place for her and it went downfill form there. I'm excited for the Beard Papa opening up-my friend has told me good things about it

    1. Saw the sign today and came to post here, but you guys beat me to it :) That location used to be Chez Sateau Bakery, then Love That European Bakery, then Cakes Unlimited. I'm excited to have a Beard Papa in my own backyard!

      1. I just hope their green tea isn't like the one at the monterey park location...jasmine tea w/ green food coloring

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          Is there more than one Monterey park location? I saw a yet to be opened Beard Papa on Atlantic in the mall/structure where Ocean Star is. where's the one you're referring to?

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            The one by Ocean Star is already open. Everytime I go past it looks like it isn't open yet because it is empty, but it's open.. I know someone who works there.

        2. Yippee!! I just heard their opening day is Feb 16th, so it's only a week away!

          1. it's really good! i ate 4 yesterday and now my friend tells me that it's 250 calories each. so i just ate 1000 calories. should equal to about 3 hours on the treadmill. but i'd do it again! it's a small place but get the chocolate one. it taste like icecream.