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Jan 29, 2007 10:21 AM

Alba Bar and Grill-Quincy- will close

The thread on dining and entertainment reminded me of how great it is to dine on the bar side of Alba Bar and Grill in Quincy--great food and song combined with, always, a nice crowd and staff.

Sad to say, I read in the Ledger over the weekend that the new connector road (connecting Burgin Parkway with 3A) will go right through Alba's location. RAAAAAAAAAATTTTSS!

This is a wonderful spot with terrific food and folks--go there before it's gone!

On the upside, the building that houses the RMV will likewise have to come down--while that's not good for Little Q Hotpot (hopefully they fare well) it will get rid of a dreadful location. That must explain (in part anyway) what happened to Classic India.

Lots of businesses in the area will re-locate or close. Bleh.

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  1. So this new connector road is going to barrel right into Quincy Center? I didn't think that kind of stuff happened anymore.

    1. Hi Tomato, I think it's the"Trattoria Alba" that will be closing not the older "Alba's Bar and Grille". Check it out.

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        Believe me, I'd so much rather it be Trattoria Alba--if I had to do a Sophie's choice move and pick one of the two. As reported in the Ledger, it was Bar and Grill.

        On an up note, I believe that it's been known to happen once or twice that events can be mis-reported. Shocking, I know. Let's hope this is one of those times.

        FYI--the beef carpaccio there is especially good!

      2. I wonder if this means that Bad Abbot's, Finian's, Fuji, Kagawa, Napoli, and the Siam House will all be affected by this. This could be a real disaster, at least temporarily, to Quincy Center.

        1. This is terrible news. We had heard rumours that Tasos never reopened after the fire because the landlord felt she could make her fortune by selling the property for this purpose. This is so outrageous since the downtown revitilization in Quincy is one of the best examples of people-friendly urban revitalization we've see in this region. Great little restaurants at affordable prices have brought more and more people to that area, making it a vital, vibrant culinary scene. This feels like a local reprise of the southwest corridor debacle that would have destroyed the South End in the 1970's. Hopefully this plan will meet the same fate. I agree with hidden boston that experience clearly indicates that this stuff shouldn't happen any more. Certainly not without a Master plan that makes it significantly better for everybody.

          1. I concur about the whole scene in Quincy center. Just try to find a parking spot any night on Hancock St any night of the week, never mind the weekend, and you can see how business is booming. After so many years of shuttered windows and darkeness, it would be a shame to lose all of that.

            The article in the Ledger did not show a map--but there must be one. I'm sure concerned and civic minded Quincy residents can find out more at City Hall.

            Maybe this is why Leo of Alba opened the second location, which seemed confoundingly illogical at the time?