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Rockin' Crawfish - Westminster, CA

Went there at about 7:30 on Saturday night. It was pretty empty (just a birthday party of about 8 ppl at one table, two people at another). The waitress was nice enough, although service sometimes was a little slow. It's a cute little place with kitschy little signs all over the place and they played a good selection of songs (mostly kroq-y stuff).

Now, on to the food. We ordered mild and spicy crawfish ($6.99/lb). Both flavors were hardly spicy at all, the seasonings were pretty good, but more garlicky than anything else. Apparently, for every 2 pounds of crawfish, you get one corn on the cob, but you can order extra at $.49 each. Our order didn't come with sausage or potatoes either (add-on is an extra $0.49). Oysters ($12.99/dzn) were pretty good, but the clams ($8.99/lb) were pretty nasty. A lot of unopened clams, and the ones that were open were all empty (we found some of them at the bottom of the bag, but hardly making up for the pound that we ordered). We ordered an extra spicy order of head-on shrimp (sorry, didn't check how much it cost). The extra spicy was definitely spicier, but still, mostly garlicky than cajun spices. Finally, we had the dungeness crab (at a whopping $10.99/lb).

All in all, our meal came out to $100 bucks: not bad for 4 people.

Note: I've been to Cajun Corner and I like their seasonings better, but the quality of Rockin Crawfish' seafood was fresher and their crawfish were bigger and tastier than Cajun's. Looking forward to checking out Boiling Crab.

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  1. Cajun Corner makes it nice and spicy and you're right about their crawfish not being the freshest, but what do you expect? We live in California, not Louisana. =P

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      Not a big fan of Cajun Corner. Sauce is borderline bitter. Need to revise recipe. But I assume some are used to it.

    2. I had no complaints about the Boiling Crab my first few visits. But then things the crawfish got teeny tiny. Now that they are about to be in season in Lousiana lets hope the Boiling Crab gets the bign's again.

      I love the boiling crab, I'm even their myspace friend, but I have a tip. Order the shrimp medium or mild and the crawfish hot. The hot sauce really permeates the shrimp shell and can be too much heat.

      1. oo interesting. another crawfish place! this is a trend i'm happy about. i've only been to crawfish house and boiling crab, but i guess this just means there's more places to check out!

        1. Here's an article on squeezeoc.com on the crawfish trend.


          1. MeowMixx, thanks for the review. Spicy garlicy crawfish...mmm.

            1. Were the Vietnamese always good at makin' cajun food? Is this a new phenomenon for Westminster?

              1. Someone explained it to me a while back but basically, I think some ambitious twenty-something Vietnamese American men got the idea when they visited a similar place whilst visiting relatives in Texas (near the Louisiana state line). They were quite impressed with the concept so they started a brainstorming process.

                They did some research and hooked up with a pretty solid crawfish distributor and then opened a place near Brookhurst/Westminster. Word of mouth travels at a furious pace within Little Saigon and before they knew it, they had a hit on their hands. And the rest is history.

                Most of the places have followed the formula to a tee-hence the authenticity. However, there's one common denominator these establishments share that makes them distinctively Vietnamese owned: Heineken Beer. Vietnamese people love Heineken Beer; it probably stems back from the old days of Dutch-Indo-South East Asia trading.

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                  Good history on that! =) Thanks. Also, I'm going to try out Rockin' Crawfish tomorrow for the first time. I've been to Cajun Corner before and I liked their seasonings, but I agree that the craw fish and shrimp we ordered definitely could've been fresher (and bigger) so I'm lookin' forward to some good spicy shellfish tomorrow!

                2. Just went to Cajun Corner last night for the first time. We ordered the crawfish, shrimp and clams. The crawfish were big, tender and juicy-so were the shrimp. The seasonings were perfect. We found that the mild had more garlic flavor and the hottest flavor was bitter from the pepper. We were let down by the clams. The bag was mainly filled with shells-not alot of meat. Staff was really friendly too. The way the menu is printed, you think the Strawberry lemonade is $1.49, but it's not.
                  I can still smell garlic in my fingers!
                  I'll try the Rockin Crawfish next.

                  1. try Rockin Crab House on harbor and Lampson..the BEST crawfish rest. in town