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Top 5 Chicken Wings (IMHO)

1. Kasadela's Tebaya (EV classy izakaya with the stickiest, gooey-est and most delicious chicken wings)
2. Tebaya (Chelsea takeout with similar style of wing, pretty damn tasty)
3. BBQ's Honey-basted Wings (yes, BBQ sucks, but these wings, tho sweet, are delicious)
4. Pete's Tavern Buffalo Wings (these are not the bufffalo wings you know; instead they are sweet, crispy, crunchy, delicious)
5. The Hong Kong Chicken Wings (OK, this is not in New York City but in Harvard Square in Cambridge, but these are great too; gooey stickey sweet sauce, fried to a crisp, and in a similar style to the above)

So, anyone agree, disagree? Have something to add? I keep hearing about Dinosaur's wings but I just can't imagine what they're like.

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  1. I agree with you on BBQ's honey wings (I've started getting the boneless ones there), my husband and I drive from Jersey to the Brooklyn location for these... and the tangerine margaritas too.

    I got them to sell me a quart of the honey basting sauce and I took it to NC with me for X-mas, it was a big hit!

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      I've been searching and trying to figure out how to make the honey sticky wings! How do you make yours? What is in the honey basting sauce? Thank you!

    2. Dinosaur's wings are big, smokey, and the best thing on their menu. Get the medium hot sauce on the side. Worth a trip.

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        where is Dinosaur's wings located?

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          Dinosaur is on the UWS, right across from the Harlem Fairway parking lot. You can take the 1 to 125th Street, walk west on 125th to the highway overpass (only a long block away), and turn right onto 12th Ave. Dinosaur is just up the block on your right. The address is 131st St., but in one of those quirky NYC street things, it's just a block or so north of 125th.

          Check out their website for more info: http://www.dinosaurbarbque.com/nycInd...

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          I completely agree with Striver - Dinosaur's wings are to die for. I've eaten at Dino for years and always resisted ordering the wings, I could not believe how good they were when we finally tried them. It is definitely worth traveling uptown to get them.

        3. Sleeper pick at Asia Roma, the bar-restaurant-karaoke joint on Mulberry: not the Buffalo wings, which are nothing special, but the other wings, listed only on the bar menu. Fried with a light dusting of salt and seasonings, including a touch of five-spice. Crisp, sauceless skin, juicy and tasty inside. Squeeze on some lemon if you like.

          Don't know if they're top-five material, but they're really good.

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            hmmm. where exactly is that? because winnie's has no food to speak of, but if i could combine my two passsions in life (wings, and lionel richie), that would be beautiful.

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              40 Mulberry (between Mosco and Bayard), across from Columbus Park

          2. Dallas BBQ's (NYC) Sticky Wings are really great too. Some of the best wings I've ever had.
            Also Quaker Steak and Lube's wings are freaking amazing if you're in a state that has them.


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              That's the place I'm talking about we just called it "BBQ's". I'm having a craving for them too.

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                yep, I got 3 full orders (that is 33 huge wings people!) to a superbowl party and they were the undisputed hit! a bit too sweet so when dipped in some hot sauce: yowza!

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                  mmmm... now I really want some!! They are sweet, that's why I order extra blue cheese... :P

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                    Finally tried the wings from Dallas BBQ's.They were delicious. I didn't realize the full order would be about 14 of those enormous wings. Tyson makes frozen wings that are really similar, in sections (not whole wings) and not as sweet (these are a bit too sweet).

                1. Love the Dino's wings. Have been eating them for many years growing up near the 'cuse locale. The smoke them, then throw them on the grill when you order, and slather the wings with sauce. Really meaty and the Wango Tango (habanero) or the Garlic Chipotle (even hotter) are finger lickin' good.

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                    Dinosaur has the best wings on planet earth. End of discussion.

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                      I've got to disagree. Have always been fanatical about VIrgils wings but hadn't ever tried Dinosaur until the past year - have gone a couple times now. I still think Virgils are noticeably better - although DInosaur's were easily second and well ahead of anyone else's I've had. Both times Dino's were a bit too charred, and uneven - tasty sauce but not quite as good as Virgils. You Dino wing fans who haven't tried Virgils ought to at least try and see for yourself.

                  2. Down the Hatch's Atomic Wings were some of the first Buffalo Wings I had as a kid. In high school we'd have to order them to go because we weren't allowed to stay in the bar. They're a little scrawny, but still tasty. And with 6 levels o spice, you'll get them just as hot as you want.

                    I used to love the plump, saucy wings at Uno's, but they changed the recipe a couple years ago and it's just not the same.

                    A week or so ago I had some good wings in Brooklyn at Solomon's Porch in Bed-Stuy. I posted about it in the Outer Boroughs board. Per my earlier post, "They were crisply fried and topped with a spicy, vinegary hot sauce. It left my mouth tingly and happy. My only complaint was that it only included 6 wings instead of the customary 10."

                    I love the Honey Hot wings at Croxley's on Ave B. The sweetness of the honey adds a great balance to the spice. I love it. And now I want some...

                    I also made some wings recently that came out really well. I'm still feeling around the boards, but I'll post about it on the Home Cooking board soon.


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                      best wings i have had are at Virgil's in time square. smoked to perfection then finished with their tasty bbq sauce. served with their special (and quite unique) blue cheese dressing, very nice...

                      also, about 30 minutes outside the city there is this little bed and breakfast place called "Painters" which has the best buffalo wings i have ever tasted. i tried replicating them myself, but couldn't come close. i highly recommend these...

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                        I love how smoky and simple Virgil's wings are.

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                          I haven't been to Virgil's in several years, but I still remember those wings. Our waiter told us they were the best thing on the menu, and he was perfectly correct.

                          1. re: Tom Steele

                            Indeed, i've searched the nation for the best chicken wings. As far as bbq wings go, nothing even comes close to virgil's real bbq in time square.

                            1. re: bklynsbest

                              I'm with you all. Virgil's wings should be in their own food group they're so good. Have been eating them for years and whenever I eat there with someone, I split an app of them and then have a separate order for my main. The blue cheese dressing they serve with them is great too, although totally unnecessary with the wings. They don't need anything else.

                              Haven't been to Dinosaur yet, but since others rave about those, gonna try soon. I just can't believe that anything could possibly taste better than Virgils

                    2. Dinosaur's are great. Also (maybe surprisingly?) good are Dive Bar's (96th & Amsterdam).

                      1. I've written about this elsewhere on this board, but my recommendation bears repeating: Old Town Bar on East 18th Street between B'dwy and Park Ave. South has the best wings I've ever had. I recommend ordering them well done. Come starving and be greedy by ordering yourself a burger, too. They're excellent.

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                          Agreed. Old Town Bar has the best wing's in NYC. Traditional buffalo style. Also a surprisingly good hot dog

                        2. As someone who made thousands of wings while working through college in Buffalo (Mr. Goodbars and No Names on Elmwood Ave.) I can tell you the best I've had are at 200 Fifth (Union and 5th Ave) and Bonnies Grill (Garfield and 5th Ave.) both in Brooklyn. The owner of Bonnies is a Buffalonian - and a big Bills fan.

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                            i don't know if you can get up to mt. vernon (fleetwood) but the bayou has awsome
                            voodoo wings, i think they have jerk seasonings on them, great flavor good heat...

                            1. re: riverhound

                              1. BON CHON Chicken!!
                              (multi loc. 314 5th ave, 3 addresses south of 32nd..2flr ; 95 Chambers St; 158th street & Northern Blvd Flushing Queens; Bell Blvd & 45th Ave Bayside Queens) The BEST!

                              2.Tebaya!.. as previously mentioned

                              3. Dinosaurs~ woweee

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                              I second Bonnie's Grill. Last weekend, I went back after a long hiatus and it hit me like a ton of bricks (again) how good they are. Their marinated/spiced burgers are fantastic too with their grilled jalapenos and chipotle mayo.

                              I've been settling for the Kettle Black's wings in Bay Ridge for awhile. They're great if you live in Dyker Heights/Bay Ridge and don't want to travel, but Bonnie's blows 'em out of the water.

                            3. Actually, I'm partial to Atomic Wings, which can be found at a few places including The Blue Room @ 60th and Second. They're crispy and meaty and the sauce nice and tangy. Nothing overly complex, but well done. I usually order them at "abusive" temperature, 4th on the 6-part scale (before nuclear and sucidal). Add to that some solid onion fries, waffle fries and beer, and you have a perfect sports Sunday or snack.

                              1. Lately I've been really into wings that have been smoked before they are fried and sauced. My vote is Blue Smoke, Dinosaur and RUB.

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                                  I loved the texture and concept of dinosaur, but I've had those wings a couple of times and basically, they're tasteless, aside from the basic chicken and grilling flavor. might as well get the plain ones since they put all their wing sauces on the table anyway, at least you can mix and match and deluge at will.

                                2. Croxley Ale's on ave B are the best buffalo style wings I've ever tasted. Monday and Wednesday are $.10 night, which is argueably the best deal in town.

                                  1. Just found this site and had to register and reply to this. I have been in outside sales for 15 years and travel the metropolitan area searching for the best eats 5 days a week.

                                    My vote for best wings is definitely The VOODOO Wings @ The Bayou in Mount Vernon. They are not a typical buffalo wing. They are more of a dry cajun rub. They are perfectly spiced and the meat is a "fall off the bone" type. They are served with fresh green apple slices which complement the wings perfectly. (blue cheese too).

                                    There are other good choices there too but its the wings that I get every time, actually its 2 orders of VOODOO wings and atleast 2 of their Hurricane drinks.

                                    mmm mmm good!

                                    1. Totally agree w/posters on Dallas BBQ's wings, though my fave was the Texas fried version at the 2nd Avenue and St. Marks location. And with the qualifier that I think they changed their recipe slightly several years ago. I used to go out of my way to get the wings from there, but I think they use fewer spices nowadays.