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Jan 29, 2007 10:08 AM

Chinese Chive Cakes at any time?

was wondering if anyone new of any resturaunts in the greater Chinatown area (chinatown proper plus the chuch of the Lower East side that is now functionally Chinatown) where one can simply order Chinese Chive cakes (those pan fried chive and shrimp patty like dumplings found in many Dim Sum Brunches) as opposes to it only being availalbe as part of the random Dim Sum brunch on weekend mornings. I am almost always in chinatown at middady on a weekday so those brunches don't help me much.

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  1. omg i love those too and i'm so often disappointed when i go to dim sum and don't see those!! (sorry to post when i dont have this info). looking forward to seeing the answers.

    1. i think you're talking about lo bat gow, which is made up of shredded daikon. There is a place called Fong Too Inn on Mott right south of bayard that used to have a guy who just made that and dou hua (or doufu fa). I don't think he's outside anymore, but I'm pretty sure they still make it inside and they definately sell the raw form, so basically all you have to do is get some oil, put it in a pan and fry it up. Get some oyster sauce and you're money.

      1. If ur talking about the semi translucent dumplings with mostly chives and pork filling, they have em for takeout at 9 chatham square (the place with the red awning).

        1. I agree. go to 9 chatham square. it's a hole in the wall but it's a great place for take out.

          1. After daydreaming about those chive dumplings for days, I finally braved the cold and walked to the Chatham Restaurant at 9 Chatham Sq. I got 3 chive + shrimp dumplings for $1.70 and the turnip with shrimp also for $1.70, as well as too much hot + sour soup for $3.00.

            The chive dumplings were okay, but not spectacular. Probably because they were already slightly cold when I got there. Maybe not fried enough?
            The turnip with shrimp was a little too salty but otherwise satisfactory. The soup was decent. I'm not sorry I went but not sure if they were worth 25 minutes of walking in the cold..

            Any other place for these chive dumplings?