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Jan 29, 2007 09:42 AM

leftover polenta

I made a really yummy, cheesy (parmesean), creamy polenta last night to go with balsamic-glazed chicken. I have quite a bit leftover. Anybody have a good recipe for polenta cakes for later in the week? I'd prefer baked to sauteed, but, if I must.....

No deep frying, please.


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  1. It would help if you poured your polenta into a loaf pan and could now turn it out and slice it neatly. But in any case fashion portions from it and either:
    -- grill it on a non-stick skillet
    -- layer it with sauce/cheese/meats/veggies and bake it to heat the whole enchillada. Think of it as a sort of lasagne.

    1. 101 Cookbooks made frites out of leftover polenta. Chop and bake at 375 until crispy! Mmm.

      1. Oh my do the frites sound good. Any thoughts for seasoning, or what to do to make them get crispy? More parmesean on top? A spritz of Olive Oil? Some spices on top?

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          I bet that a spritz of oo would be perfect. Add some thyme/salt if you wish to go haute, but I think they will crisp up on their own.

        2. i have yet to try polenta... i know i'm missing out but i just haven't gotten to it yet.
          i'm still in my couscous phase... :o)

          1. I love polenta pan fried for breakfast. An over medium egg over it, and some tomatoes if they are in season, and it is my favorite breakfast.

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              I hear you! Prefer my egg(s) sunnyside though, so the yolk blends in with the polenta. A slice of ham or Italian sausage fried up and served on the side makes for a tasty and filling winter breakfast.