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Jan 29, 2007 09:34 AM

Nice dinner for job candidates in Center City?

My small university is hosting 3 or 4 job candidates for a teaching position, and we would like to take them to a nice place in Center City for dinner with the search committee. Here's the problem: we need a nice, somewhat trendy place so that we can show off the city, but it has to be $20 and below for entrees and it can't be a BYOB. We've used Fork in the past, but it's a little expensive now and we'd also like some other choices. Suggestions?

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  1. Are you looking for New American cuisine or can it be more ethnic? If so, there will be many more options around town.

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      New American would be best...I hate to commit to a particular ethnic cuisine when it's someone that I don't know (plus, we have to please 2 or 3 of my colleagues).

    2. It will be hard to find the place that has all entries below $20, but a majority of the entrees at L2 are under $20. However, if someone wants the filet, lobster tail, or lamb that will be a problem.

      1. Vietnam Restaurant in Chinatown. Nice, trendy and cheap!

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          Vietnam's not a bad option. I'm also thinking about Bridget Foy's on South Street or Loie as being some fairly decent possibilities in nice neighborhoods.

        2. I think Bistro St. Tropez would be great! 4th Floor of the design center, with a great view of the river and 30th Street. I double checked and they said entrees were between 19 and 21 bucks. We ahve always enjoyed dinig there:)

          1. L2, Bistro St. Tropez, Bridget Foy, and Loie--those sound like good leads. I'd love to go to Vietnam, but I'm not sure that everyone else would be as excited...