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Otto: Food recommendations

Hey 'hounders,
I'm planning to go to Otto for lunch later on the week, I would like to know what's great there? I know this place is great for wines but I'm working afterwards, so any particular plates I should go for? Thanks in advance!


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  1. any of the italian tapas are excellent, especially the lentils toscana, and the broccoli and pecorino. My two favorite pasta dishes on the menu are the Pasta alla Norma, and the Linguini con Rapini Pesto. My favorite pizzas are Funghi and Talleggio, Balsamic Onion and Goat Cheese, and the Quattro Stagioni. They usually have a special pizza every day which is always good!
    Oh, and for dessert... the gelatos are AMAZING, espeically the olive oil or ricotta cheese!

    Hope that helps!

    1. Cheese and meat plates are great. I've also had good luck with the vegetable antipasti. Pizzas are more consistently enjoyable than pasta, which can be hit or miss. The mushroom and talleggio pizza is great. I also like the pane frattau. I've had good luck with the special pizzas as well. Definitely try the olive oil gelato for dessert.

      1. The cheese plate is great. The linguini with pasta is one of their standouts and I personally like their simple pepporoni pizza. Of course you need to finish with the olive oil gelato. Try to sneak in a little wine with lunch, it helps round out the experience.

        1. The meat and cheese platters are excellent. Dont let them sell you on the pizza with the fried egg. Its just not that good.

          1. Cheese platter with extra truffle honey, pizza, gelato and wine...that's it. Pastas are way too al dente and the tapas seletions never thrill me. End with a moscato !!!

            For pizzas try pepperoni, funghi, lardo, plain.

            1. Definitely the antipasti and the cheese and meat platters. The eggplant caponata is the stuff of my dreams. I haven't bothered with the pizzas or pastas in my last few visits - they've always been disappointing after the excellent veggie, fish and cheese beginnings. Now I just get a glass of wine and convince my table to take my advice and order tons of antipasti then skip straight to the gelato. (I'd go for the black and white sundae or the olive oil gelato... yum...)

              1. The cheese plate is great, and the gelato is to die for. Seriously, I am considering just skipping the dinner part and eating cheese and gelato at the bar . . .if it wasn't for the loud and dense crowd...

                1. Can I fifth the cheese plate? That truffle honey is out of control. Also, i really like the radicchio salad with sformato, and the balsamic onion and goat cheese pizza. I was less than impressed with the lardo pizza. Oh, and be sure to end with the olive oil gelato.

                  1. Thank you everyone for your suggestions! I just went there yesterday afternoon and had the Linguini con Cavolo e Speck, the gianduja caldo and finished off with the Olive Oil Copetta. I must say, most of you are so right about that olive oil gelato. It was a mind blowing dessert!

                    Thanks again!

                    1. I love the escarole salad, It is sooo good.