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Best place to buy All-clad set

Can anyone recommend a website where I can purchase All-clad cookwares at great prices?

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      This site has great prices on All-Clad. Most of the cookware I'm looking for is in the "All-Clad Irregulars" section. Does this mean the pieces are slightly defective? If so, to people that have purchased from this site, what type of defect am I going to expect?

      I've seen AC fry pans at TJMaxx with wrong handles MC2 with LTD handles which doesn't feel right. Angle of handles is way too low. MC2 pans without AC stamped on the bottom. Or am I expecting tiny scratches in the SS.

    2. I purchased all of my All-Clad through this website. Customer service is fantastic. It is seconds, but I can hardly see where the flaws are in my pots and pans. For what it is worth, I have 3 saucepans, 1 saucier, and 1 13X9 pan.


      1. wow, great, thanks for the info.
        I wanted to get a whole set but now I can actually afford them...it's at least $200 cheaper than sites like Macys, etc.

        1. omigod, thanks!! major cookware envy! this is so much cheaper, and i'm anti-set anyway so this is perfect!

          1. Crate and Barrel has a set that looks like a good price for the MC2 line:


            1. I've seen some really good buys on E-Bay too. First quality. No tax. It would pay to check it out.

              1. I got a brand new set on Ebay. Just do your homework to make sure it's new and authentic.

                1. I really like Broadway Panhandler. Prices are much better than a department store.

                  I have bought lots of All Clad Stainless individually and love every piece.

                  1. I can also vouch for Cookware and More

                    1. I browsed Amazon and found some really great deals.

                      1. Check store sales and clearances. I picked up a set with a 1 qt stainless saucepan (no lid) and 7" stainless fry pan, BOTH for $13.55 at Bed Bath & Beyond on clearance. I also got a 14" non-stick fry pan for clearance for $55 (all All-Clad).

                        So check Marshall's, TJ Maxx, Home Good, Linens 'n Things, Bed/Bath/Beyond, and other stores (maybe even Tuesday Morning). I have seen All-Clad there.

                        I don't know for a fact, but I heard that both Emeril and Kirkland (at Costco) are the same as All-Clad (I don't know which line) and are really good.

                        1. while we're talking all-clad, does anyone have a style preference? I've registered for my wedding for the stainless steel, but I don't like that I can't stick it in the dishwasher. What do you all think? Thanks!

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                            You CAN put All Clad Stainless in the dishwasher. It is specifically marketed as dishwasher-safe. I've had mine in the dishwasher several times and it comes out looking great.

                            I bought my All Clad stuff at Metrokitchen.com. They were great. Shipped fast, no sales tax, and several freebies thrown in.

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                              True. If you want to put All Clad in the dishwasher, the Stainless line is the only one to consider.

                              I have bits and pieces from Master Chef, Stainless and LTD. They all cook equally well.

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                              I'd kill myself if I couldn't put my SS All CAld in the dishwasher.

                              It's been dishwashed and not gently handled for more than 10 years and looks not much worse than brand new.