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Jan 29, 2007 08:43 AM

Chinatown for Vegetarian?

Hello - we'll be hanging with a vegetarian friend from out of town in a few weeks, and I thought a Chinatown jaunt might be fun. He's a somewhat picky eater - a vegetarian who isn't really into vegetables. (So, usually it's pasta dishes and cheese.)

Chinatown Ice Cream Co. and/or a bakery would already be on the agenda, but what to eat for the actual meal?

So, any vegetarians willing to weigh in on their favorite Chinatown treats?

Maybe this is a silly question. He's actually visited China, and found that they had trouble understanding the concept of vegetarianism.

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  1. There's a place called Vegetarian Dim Sum -- cheap, tasty, all vegetarian. Mostly but not exclusively dim sum, and dim sum all day. Google it for the address. I love this place!

    1. 68 Mott. It is amazing! All veggie so no chance of getting "stocked" and great tasting. I just ate there Saturday . Try the Hot Steak Kew Appetizer and ask if they have the Ham and Pickled Greens special. It is great tasting. I eat there at least once a month and I am a devout carnivore! It is that good.

      There is an all vegetarian dim sum place on Pell that is alright. Maybe I don't order right there because the place is always packed.

      1. Try searching 'Buddha bodai'.

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          Yes, Buddha Bodai is very good. Yum. I believe the address is 8 Mott St. I prefer Buddha Bodai over Vegetarian Dim Sum House, although I've only had a few things at the latter place.

          However, if you like alcohol, note that they do not serve it. And the night I was there with a big group, there were some Buddhist monks at a nearby table, so the servers said we could not BYO because the monks would be offended. Fortunately our group was OK with this. Personally I do not drink, and I thought this was fascinating.

        2. you could also try dim sum go go. the menu has vegetarian dim sum options, and they are explained fairly well.

          1. Depends on the boundaries of his vegetarianism. Many "vegetarian" dishes will contain animal byproducts (e.g., chicken broth). Is this OK? How about seafood?