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Black and White Cookie

Had given up on Black and Whites for awhile as they all seemed subpar - too dry, flavorless icing, etc. On a whim I bought one from The Cake Chef on Staten Island and boy oh boy am I glad I did. Light, rich and moist cake, lightly perfumed with vanilla. Soft, choclately icing one one side and creamy vanilla on the other. You could taste how fresh it was - no chance this cookie had been sitting out for days like so many others out there.

My faith in the Black and White is renewed - long live the Cake Chef! If you still have room, go for a peanut butter brownie bite.

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  1. I've lived in NYC since 1965 and had my very first Black & White cookie only a week ago - from a Newark Airport concession stand. I'd seen them, of course, but just never given one a try. Surprise: I loved it! Soft, cake-like, wonderful chocolate and vanilla icings. Now that I know what they are, I'm going to be sampling them all over town. Why didn't anyone ever tell me about this? Think of all the Black & Whites I could have eaten in the past 42 years!

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      I'm with you on this. I had my first one from the deli next to my office the other day, and I'm sure it was a very mediocre version, and now I'm dying to try the real thing! The mediocre version was a pretty good fix for my afternoon sweet attack.

    2. Buying black/whites for Valentine gift for a big fan of these. Thought of trying William Greenberg - anyone have anything to say about thier version?
      I am a major fan also but I prefer the crisp, not cake like, base. The only place I know to get them is LaDelice @ 27th and third. They are not consistent. This was the type I ate as a child.

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        Since the lamentable demise of Lichtman's UWS bakery many years ago, Greenberg's B&W has been our favorite. However, it's a cakey cookie (say that 5 times fast!), which IMHO is the traditional base for a B&W.

      2. You got me all psyched up for these cookies, so I called to have some shipped for Vday for my husband & kids. They don't ship. :( We're supposed to be heading up for a NY trip in May. I hope we have time to stop by and pick some up! Thanks for the information.

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          According to the Greenberg website, they ship if that is the bakery you refer to. The cost of shipping is very high though. Here's the link


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            No, I was referring to the Cake Chef that the OP was talking about. But I might have to try Greenberg!

        2. Greenberg's is my favorite...especially since Jon Vie closed.

          1. Believe it or not, Costco sells a "bucket" of mini black and whites that taste great. Not sure the brand. Also, I made them at home from a recipe published in Gourmet. I believe it is still available on Epicurious. They came out great and it was fun to play with the proportion of black to white. We like a little more white!...vanilla is our favorite.

            1. The hubby and I had our first black and white cookies at Zabars in May and were DEE-LIGHTED to realize that we've been making them for years ourselves...just never knew that what we call "amerikaners" was the famed NYC black and white cookie!

              I can write out the recipe if anyone's interested.

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                  Wow. I mentally rolled the taste of an "amerikaner" in my mouth and you're right! But I've never seen them frosted with chocolate.

                2. E.A.T. Madison & 80th...not cheap but excellent B&Ws

                  1. Zaro's, specifically the location in the Grand Central Market makes excellent black and whites.

                    1. The black & whites I find nowadays seem different than the ones I remember. They're much cakier now, and what I always liked about them was the dry biscuitiness. :\

                      1. I can not believe that no one has mentioned the BEST black and white out there - NUssbaum and Wu! They are located on the upper west side near Columbia on Broadway and are the primo, the cream of the crop - no other black and white can touch their version!

                        1. got to have Glaser's on 1 st ave and 87th street , old school german theme bakery. last one in Kliene duetschland

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                              Moishe's is on 2nd Av. slightly south of 7th St.

                            2. i agree, moishe's has a very tasty b&w

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                                I found Moishe's very unimpressive. The icing especially. Probably because it's a pareve bakery, so no dairy makes things dry and austere.

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                                  I think their black & whites are OK, but on one of my trips to Hot & Crusty on 89th and Broadway, I liked theirs better (on another, I didn't). I'm sure there are places that have more consistently good black & whites than Moishe's, much as I like having Moishe's in my neighborhood.

                              2. Mothers Bakery off Johnson Avenue in Riverdale still has a good one, but not as good as it used to be, just like everywhere else. The core ingredients used by these bakers have changed, irretrievably.

                                1. bakery on 9th Street off 1st Avenue--just ate one-the cookie light and the chocolate rich and the vanilla part has a hint of lemon--very good $1.50 each

                                  1. Hey, just tried Wm. Greenberg's black and white for the first time and it shot right to the top of my list- a little cakey but wonderful taste.