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Jan 29, 2007 08:17 AM

Inexpensive but GOOD restaurant in Georgetown

Hi- there will be 7 of us for dinner and we wanted to eat in Georgetown THIS WEEKEND...
ALL ethnic restaurants will be GREAT...but we are looking for INEXPENSIVE --if such a thing exists?

Sort of in the $10-$15 max per entree OR less...One of us in on a major budget.

Please help----we want anything EXCEPT American food....

We love Thai, Japanese ,Ehtiopian, etc.

So please list some great cheap places and also some of their good entrees to get.


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  1. How about Aditi for Indian food?

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    1. re: dinwiddie

      I have heard pros and cons about this restaurant....the reviews are from 2004--have you been recently?

        1. re: Andy

          I have...the food is good, but the service was very condescending, especially to the women in our party. We wouldn't go back.

      1. How is Meskerem ( Ethiopian) in Gerogetown? Menu looked interesting?

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          Meskerem is not in the Georgetown area but rather in Adams-Morgan. Maybe you're thinking of Zed's, which has more of a pan-African menu, but would certainly be within Andy's price range. It's located on M Street across from the Four Seasons Hotel.

          Another option is Ching Ching Cha, a sort of Chinese tearoom on Wisconsin below M street, which serves simple but really good and filling food, really cheap.

          I think of it as more of a lunch place but another idea is Cafe LaRuche, an old style French bistro with very reasonable prices, on either 30th or 31st Street below M St.

        2. I would choose Amma's Vegetarian cooking. Georgetown isn't really the epicenter of inexpensive, non-American food, so I think you're going to find this a tough one. I would also consider Pizzeria Paradiso, although I think your price range might make that challenging (not sure whether you're including tax and tip).

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            Both recommendations seconded. Ate at Amma's (which serves Indian food) this weekend and they had lots of good, cheap eats on the menu. Food was solid -- not spectacular, but the price was right. Good sauces. They also had a *huge* party in there and were rushing these massive dosas out of the kitchen, so I have no doubt they'd be able to handle a party of 7. Might be good to call ahead though, as the dining room is kind of tiny.

            Also ate at PP, but the one in DuPont Circle. It was good but I think you'd be hard pressed to stay strictly within your price limit. Maybe under $15 if you get a small pizza and soda, but no extras.

          2. Chez Mama-san would also fall into your price range for homey Japanese.

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            1. re: foodslut

              Is it still open? I thought that I heard it was closing soon.

            2. The original comment has been removed