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Winterlicious - Thuet (fish?)

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Went to Thuet for winterlicious. I have never had Alsaceian style french food so I was not quite sure what to expect. My gf and I were definitely not amazed by the food after. Portion was on the smaller side but service was amazing. I guess I'll just have to go back another time to try out his regular menu.

By the way, my gf had the fish with sauerkraut for entree, do anyone happen to know what kind of fish thuet used? The texture was kinda stringy, sort of resembles those cheese sticks. I tried emailing the restaurant but I haven't gotten any response yet.

So did anyone else dine there this past weekend? Let me know how it went.

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  1. I would assume that if it was "stringy" that it maybe Skate wing which is not flakey like most fish. They have Skate on their regular menu: "Pan seared skate wing grenobloise 29$" but prepared differently..