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Jan 29, 2007 07:29 AM

Happy Hour Suggestion

Any suggestions for a better-than-average happy hour in the Old City area, south of Market? Looking for something for Tuesday night. More interested in good drinks/prices than food.

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  1. Old City somewhat lacks a good happy hour. There are places that are always cheap, IE Drinkers (always have drink specials) and Bar Named Sue ($2 can and $3 well drinks all day.) Across from Sue's is National Mechanic (doesn't really open til 5pm.) South of Sue's on 3rd st is a small place with a Jagr sign painted in the window but drinks are really cheap. The negative side of these spots is that they are pretty quiet on the weekdays. Unless you have a good sized crowd, it will be you, the local drunk, and the bartender. Buffalo Billards runs a later happy hour from 6-8pm. Eugloy will be a little more crowded and has a few beers on tap for $3. Mexican Post will have the best crowd. They have a magarita/beer/taco/chips/quesdilla happy hour menu from 4:30-6:30pm. I've seen it pretty busy in there when everywhere else is dead. Not sure about the Plough. Mad River usually has $2 bottles, but don't quote me. The Continental can be fun but don't count on a special.

    1. I think I missed today's Happy Hour (boo for me), but for next time, Philadelphia Weekly has a Happy Hour guide on their website where you can specify neighborhood, day of the week, and time. It can be found at