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Jan 29, 2007 07:25 AM

Maceo Restaurant - Thoughts?

I'm curious what you think of Maceo Restaurant? I'm thinking about having a party for 20-30 people there in their private room.

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  1. oh, I really hate to post this as I generally hate to pan a place. But I have to say, Maceo is on my list of worst meals of the year.

    The service is lovely, the room is lovely, the fact that the tables are spaced like a NA restaurant was a relief to my 6'5" husband after being in Paris for 3 weeks.

    But the food. . . . I literally did not eat my entree because the flavours were so off. Of the other three people in our party, one also thought it was unpleasant, one was so-so, and one loved it. they do that thing where everything comes covered in foam. The apps were soups -- they were just okay -- great, in contrast, but wouldn't have stood up on their own. Same with the desserts. We had the vegetarian fixed price menu. I am thinking that you are either a fan of their flavour profile or not.

    Service wise, they were lovely. The wine list is great.

    1. I have eaten there many times and never been disapointed with the food. We last visted in approx October '06 and had a good meal. Yes they do that "everthing coverd in foam" thing but not really extreme, generally we find they have some well executed, interesting dishes. It isn't traditional French bistro, but for the price I think it is good value.

      My gripes with it is that the service is often to fast for me (I enjoy a 3 hour dinner) and they are now using the old bar area for overflow tables. This would be OK if it was less expensive, as you don't get the same ambience as you get in the dining room.

      Upstairs is good for a large private party and the small library is good for a smaller group.

      1. Wow! I'm sorry to hear you had a bad meal at Maceo! It's one of my favorite places in Paris, and it's owned by one of my favorite people, Mark Williamson. In fact, I'm going to send him your post, as I'm sure he will want to do something about that!

        The upstairs rooms are really lovely for a private party. I hosted a small group in the Library a couple of years ago, and was very pleased with everything about the menu and service.

        1. We ate at Maceo last night (3/3) and it was great. for a Saturday night it was pretty full with both the bar and main restaurant booked out. Service was good, a little to fast to start with, as we like to eat at relaxed pace. But after we asked for a pause following the first course things settled into a nice relaxed pace.

          Three set menus: a four course Asparagus theme at €48; the Vegetarian, three courses with two choices per course at €30; a three course menu of the day, with a choice of two entrees and three mains at €36; and al a carte.

          We both started with a amuse buche of intense pumpkin soup. My wife chose the Vegetarian and had Cremeuse d'asperges, tetes d'asperges morilles and mimolette affinnee, followed by Raviole ouvert legumes du jardin d'hiver emulsion de champignons, and for desert a very intense mango sorbet. All were good, and yes the sauces were fashionably foamy - but tasted good.

          I opted for the menu of the day. Presse de joue de bouf, lentilles melees, endivettes and foie gras. Followed by Carre de porc fermier d'Auvergne, polenta croutillante, and pousses d'aromates, and the cheese to finish (not a foaming sauce in sight). All was washed down with a demi of Montlouis 'Clos du Breu" and a great red from the Langudoc recommended by the sommelier.

          The bill for two with water was €140 which I consider to be very good value for the standard of cooking, the service and the setting. It isn't Michelin star quality (but that is reflected in the low cost) however it is a far higher standard than many bistros.

          I would confidently recommend it to anyone.