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Jan 29, 2007 07:11 AM

cincy recommendation needed

i'm looking for a good business dinner recommendation--something fairly upscale (though not stuffy) that will comfortably seat a large group (15 or so). adventurous/interesting cuisine is welcome! we'll be in covington, so we'd like something within a ten mile radius or so.

daveed's looks promising...any other recommendations? thanks!

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  1. hmm, Daveed's has wonderful food but the accommodations are COZY. Better for a couple than a large group.

    1. I agree Daveed's isn't what you're looking for, and getting that many people into Mount Adams can be tricky, because parking is tight.

      On Saturday, we ate with a group of 12 at Nicola's in Over-the-Rhine. It's upscale Italian and it was incredible ( Another upscale Italian that's hot right now is Boca, in Oakley.

      The Jeff Ruby restaurants specialize in steaks. There's the Waterfront in Covington, which has a terrific view of the city. There's also the eponymous Jeff Ruby's downtown. Both of those are a half-step down from formal -- you'll see people dressed up, and many who aren't -- but I think both would be appropriate. There's also Ruby's Tropicana in Newport, at Newport on the Levee. It's not white tablecloth, but it's very lively and the food is good. I always enjoy the food at Ruby's restaurants but on some evenings the service can be indifferent.

      Also at Newport on the Levee is Mitchell's Fish House, part of the Cameron Mitchell group out of Columbus. The seafood is very good and again, it's not white tablecloth.

      Good downtown national chains are McCormick & Schmick, and Palomino, both on Fountain Square in the middle of downtown. M&S is dark wood and features seafood. Palmino is more eclectic, with big windows facing Fountain Square; it has a good bar also.

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        thanks! i should've mentioned that we'll be taking cabs over, most likely, so parking won't be an issue.

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          are there any other good restaurants in mount adams that would more comfortably seat a large party? i've been to that neighborhood before and really liked it.

          1. re: alyssap99

            Try Porkopolis, which is in the old Rookwood Pottery building. They could possibly accomodate a large group in one of the old kilns.



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              Probably the Celestial. I haven't been there for years. The view is spectacular, but the dining is a little more formal and it's a little pricey. Porkopolis is also in Mount Adams, specializes in pork chops and prime rib. I only know its sister restaurant (Nick's in Oakley) and my wife and I eat there fairly often. It's not gourmet but it's casual, the food is good and the drinks are honest. There's also the Mount Adams Fish House. I've heard two things about it: The food is great and the prices are high. A group of friends went there and had a great time, so I believe they can handle parties of 12 or more.

              If I had to choose, and if money was not (really) an object, I'd go to Nicola's. If your heart is set on Mount Adams, I'd lean toward Mount Adams Fish House, because of my friends' good experience.


              1. re: johnbycz

                thanks! good to hear your recommendation of the fish house. that's where i went a couple of years ago when i was in cincy for my brother's college graduation, and we had a great time. but i couldn't find any references to it on chowhound which is never a great sign! it's back in the running now...

          2. You cant go wrong with Jean Ro Bistro downtown - they can seat large groups, prices are reasonable and the food is amazing. I would stay away from Mt. Adams - it been disappointed with the food up there 1 too many times.


            1. i just wanted to thank everyone for their recommendations. we went to Jean Ro last night and it was an absolutely wonderful experience. i think each person in our group of 13 was happy with his or her entree, and we shared a variety of delicious appetizers and desserts. but more importantly, the service was amazing. our waiter handled our evening with ease, pacing everything just right and providing excellent detail on the dishes. we gave him a round of applause at the end of the evening! i would definitely recommend this restaurant to locals and out-of-towners alike.