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Jan 29, 2007 07:04 AM

Trying to find barely remembered restaurant in Cambridge NY area

About ten years ago I had a really special meal at a restaurant somewhere within an hour of the Cambridge, NY / Bennington, VT area. There was a fenced-in backyard and that night they were offering a special choose-your-own-pasta meal in which one chose the type and shape of pasta, the sauce, and all additional ingredients. The place wasn't in a town per se and was located by the side of the road, i.e. one turned off the main road directly into the parking lot. I wasn't familiar with the area at the time, so don't know exactly where we were, but I'm living nearby now and wondering whether anyone recognizes this place from my admittedly vague description.

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  1. Wow, I'm at a loss. There is a place in Saratoga Springs that does have a pasta night- Wednesday, I think, and you choose your pasta shape/sauce- similar concept, but I doubt it's the same place. Will give it some thought- but that's a pretty wide-ranging geographical area.

    1. Thanks, Mark. It probably wasn't all that far from Cambridge. We drove up from Bennington to Manchester, and then somewhere en route from there to the monastery at New Skete, we stopped and had dinner at this place. I remember thinking at the time that it was in the middle of nowhere.

        1. Im at a loss also. The earlier poster talking about the pasta night on Wednesdays is probably talking about the pasta special on Wednesdays at the Saratoga National Golf Course. Other than that, I dont have a clue as to where the original poster is alluding to