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Jan 29, 2007 07:03 AM

Looking for chili in pdx

Any recommendations? Thanks.

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  1. Hey John! I noticed that nobodys replied to your post. Not many chiliheads here I guess, plus it is hard to find a good bowl of chili. I tried/checked out over 100 and found mixed results. I'd like to do a more complete report sometime. For right now, I like these places; Biscuits Cafe, Gladstone Street Pub, Henry's Cafe, Iron Horse Restaurant (best pork chili), Laurelwood Public House (Space Stout), McMenamins, Nick's Coney Island, Pal's Shanty, & River City Saloon (good black bean). It turns out most places serve canned of some sort. I haven't found a good place that serves chicken chili and the vegetarian ones are so-so. Let me know of any places you've checked out and what you think. Hope this helps....Rich

    1. One place you haven't checked is Podnah's. Neither have I. Review in the A&E, however was promising.

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        I like both Podnah's and Ken's Place's chili. I don't know if either is exactly what people are looking for when they think of chili, but both taste good. I'd like to hear more of Rich's results -- more detailed descriptions of his favorites. That's quite an undertaking. Also, I'd like to know when he actually found Nick's Coney Island open.

        1. re: extramsg

          The thing about Nick's being open is it's a lunch place. But it looks like a bar. That's the issue. People think its a bar but its a lunchoenette that looks like a bar. Problem is, I would never want to go to a greasy hot dog place for lunch. I'd love to go there for beers during the dinner hour or late night. What a great place it would be for that 2:00 a.m. beer and chowdown of a hot dog or chili. What perfect spot for the hipsters to gather for that late night drunken feast to soak up all the alcohol!

          Just one of those bizarre incongruencies I guess.

          1. re: MichaelG

            I have gone by all hours of all days. Only by accident once did I go by and it was open. However, I had just eaten.

      2. My favorite bowl of chili is on S.E. Belmont (at 33rd St.) at a place called Laughing Planet. It's for real bean people (vegetarian also), so if you're looking for Texan chili this is not the right place. But if you want spicy, fresh, and beany...go.

        1. Is Nick's Coney Island still open? I used to go there on the openning day of Cub's baseball season - packed!

          1. The original comment has been removed