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Jan 29, 2007 06:58 AM

Solo dining near Palace Hotel

I will be visiting your beautiful city for a week in February, staying at the Palace. While most of my meals will be at the hotel, or with work colleagues at pre-determined locations, I do have a couple of nights where I will be alone. Any recommendations for a good place to dine solo near the hotel? Virtually any type of food would be good although I am always keen to try somewhere that is considered an "institution" in the city. Also, a wine list with a good selection by the glass would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. The Palace is a reasonably short walk from the Union Square area in one direction and from the Embarcadero in the other, and if you don't feel like walking or the weather is bad there is a BART station right out the side door,so I'd start by doing a search for Downtown, FiDi (Financial District), Union Square, and Embarcadero areas, and see what appeals to narrow it down a bit, then maybe we can give a few more specific answers....

    BTW, the Japanese restaurant in the hotel (Kyo-Ya) is excellent, though pricey, and if you are eating at the hotel, hopefully that will be one of the choices. Also, last time I was there, the martinis in the bar at Maxfield's in the hotel were quite good. They used to discount them at happy hour, don't know if they still do....

    1. You could take a quick cab over to Bix on Gold Street @ Jackson, there is dining near the bar, good food, supperclub style beautiful spot, good drinks and a decent selection of wines by the glass.

      Myth- on Pacific is around the corner, very good food and a nice atmosphere, wine, etc.

      Bar Crudo- Broadway, above Union Square- tiny loft like spot, sit at the counter/bar and watch them prepare beautiful raw seafood dishes, good wines, perfect spot to dine alone. This place has a real SF feel.

      Bacar- Brannan Steet, good modern American food, excellent wine choices.

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        just to clarify: Myth is around the corner from Bix, and thus a bit of a walk or a short cab from the Palace (I think it is quite walkable, myself, but would depend on weather) is *not* aroudn the corner from the Palace.

      2. I would definitely recommend Medicine Eatstation in Crocker Galleria.

        I don't know where you're visiting from but Shojin cuisine is not common in many parts of the country/world and they do it beautifully.

        1. cafe claude, in claude alley would be nice...

          1. Second Kyo-Ya rec. If you're looking for a nearby "Institution," walk down to Boulevard at 1 Mission.