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can i bring a yogurt cup on board an airplane

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I am flying a short 1 hour flight to Manchester, NH from DC...I want to bring a total greek yogurt on board...can I

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  1. I don't think so. It would be considered a liquid or a gel and it's certainly more than 3 ounces. You can always try, but I'd be prepared to have it confiscated.

    1. i dont know...you cant? cmon...i havent flown in one and half years, but yogurt would be a no-go? even all seeled up and all??? that sucks if its the case - specially since i just found and fell in love pretty hard for fage yogurts and goats milk yogurt from http://www.redwoodhill.com/yogurt_nut...
      redwood hill farms. awesoem stuff , actually has that tang that we all love from goat's milk yogurt.

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        even if it's sealed they'll throw it out. a lot has changed in 1.5 years. actually they relaxed the rules a little. for a while, they were throwing everything out, anything that remotely resembled a gel or liquid.

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          Concur. Wife had a sealed clear jar of pumpkin butter with a density akin to cheese. They wouldn't let her bring it thru as a carry-on, which then required her to re-check it and her luggage...

      2. I just flew yesterday from SFO to London to Mumbai, and they were pretty strict on the gels. My flight to Dallas the week before which was national seemed just as strict. Its a bummer as I would bring some great gourmet meals for my international flights :-(

        Your airline website should have a link to TSA which updates the no-no list

        gatun in India

        1. That would be no, unless you purchased it at the terminal past the security check point... which means that you will be paying an arm and a leg for it.

          1. No. I asked when I was flying in December and was told unless it's under 3oz, I couldn't carry it on board.

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              so, the weight is the crucial thing here?

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                Correct. From http://www.massport.com/logan/insid_s... ...

                All liquids, gels and aerosols must be in a three ounce or smaller containers.
                Containers must be placed in a one quart-size, clear, plastic, zip-top bag and must be removed from your carry-on and placed in the security bin.
                Only one zip-top bag is permitted per traveler.


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                  Yes, as BJK says. I looked at the various sizes in my stores and even the small cups were around 4oz or more. There's a yogurt that comes in tubes which may be under 3 oz.

              2. I am a business traveler and fly 3 weeks out of the month. I cannot tell you all the stuff that I see that gets thrown out b/c the gel/liquid consistency item is over the 3 items AND is not in a quart size ziploc bag. If you really want to have your yogurt w/you on the flight, I suggest getting a 3 ounce container plastic container and putting the yogurt in it and then putting it in your quart size baggie.. Mind you, 3 oz of yogurt is pretty much a couple of spoonfuls so it may not be worth the effort to bring it on such a short flight. Good luck!

                1. My guess is that in most major airports, you can buy a cup of yogurt in one of the stores past the security checkpoint. May not be Total Greek, but still yougurt which is better than anything they'll serve you inflight. Go for it...without worrying. :)

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                    I agree this would be your best bet. To say that security is pretty strict these days.would be an understatement.

                  2. what if your diabetic dont see how they can regulate that?

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                      Having yogurt is a not a dietary requirement for a duration of a flight. No medical requirement whatsoever.

                    2. put down the yogurt and back away slowly ma'am....we're not kidding....baaaack.......

                      1. I was just flying last week, and we had yogurt taken away. It's not legal.

                        1. Open the yoghurt, decant into two three-ounce-or-less containers, and then place in the 1-qt zipped bag...I've taken more than one each of those .75 ounce toothpastes and the 1.2 ounce lotions/shampoos that you acquire in hotels and have never had a problem. Just be sure that everything fits easily in that darn 1-qt bag! Here's the official TSA list, which does say yoghurt is ok, just 3 ounce container!

                          1. I have had yogurt taken from me at a couple of airports. It's still a no-no (as is olive tapenade or buffalo mozzerla, in case you're wondering).

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                              As is peanut butter, again as an FYI.

                            2. Bingo. I just re-read the OP's question. Between the plane's ascent and descent, that's barely a half-hour in which to worry about hunger...

                              1. My GOSH !!! Not a deadly yogurt cup !!!

                                Just think... germ warfare (the active yogurt cultures)
                                eco-terrorism (the plastic)
                                deadly weapon (the spoon)
                                vandalism (fling the yogurt on the floor)
                                second deadly weapon (the sharp edge of the container)

                                and don't even THINK about fruit yogurts.......
                                the list goes on and on......