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Jan 29, 2007 06:22 AM

Help Wanted: restaurants in Barcelona that could accommodate a party of 8 people

I am traveling to Barcelona this May for my brother’s bachelor party and need a few solid eating selections that can accommodate the whole group (around 8 people). Sit down restaurants, or tapas bars that can fit a larger crowd are great. They should not be exorbitantly expensive, a little on the pricey side is fine as long as the food is spectacular. Thanks in advance for any help.

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  1. 8 is not a particularly large party and I think most restaurants will be able to accommodate you.

    A personal favourite that I have suggested here before Àgora at Sepulveda 76. Not a touristy place but great for local dishes with a modern touch. They speak very good English too! only in Spanish I believe


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      Maybe I need to rephrase my request then. I want restaurants that highlight local ingredients, (shell fish and black footed pigs being my favourites) with out overly fussy preperation. Definitely not touristy, and preferabbly a laid back atmosphere.

    2. Cal Pep or Passadis del Pep are great for good ingredients without the flasy cooking. Sadly they have become part of the tourist trail with people actually lining up outside and not accepting reservations. I haven't been for some time.

      If you are looking for seafood Rias de Galicia is a great spot. Expensive but quality products.

      1. thanks PVU,
        the peps are already family favourites!
        Any Tapas bars where a group our size would be comforable?

        1. taller a tapas, the one on via argentera. great food, and staff, the manager at dinner time vincent is very helpful. we love the place, tell vincent chris from new york says hi.